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 Cooking a joint (gammon) - smokie
We have a 4.5kg gammon to go with our turkey and later in the week for cold. Yum yum.

The label said 5.5 hrs at 170 degrees (fan oven).

I was just browsing the internet and it said gammon should be 68 degrees in the centre when done. I remembered we have a barely used meat thermometer so checked it.

It's had about 3 hours and it's at 74 degrees (the oven was actually at 180, now turned down).

SWMBO doesn't much like meat. I prefer it not overdone. So, do I go with the cooking time on the label or the temperature from various internet sites?

I realise I might be too late this time but interested to know for the future...
 Cooking a joint (gammon) - martin aston
As you say too late but the label seems way out. Most recipes say 20 mins per 450g. We use our meat probe thermometer regularly and it can take a while for a big joint to cook but 5.5 hrs is a long old time. Go by the thermometer would be my call.
With a weight of 10 lbs in old money that’s a lot of meat though.
 Cooking a joint (gammon) - James Loveless
"Go by the thermometer would be my call."

Exactly. A meat thermometer is an absolute boon. Ovens etc. all vary, but the temperature of the middle of the meat is the real indication of doneness.
 Cooking a joint (gammon) - smokie
Thanks - I did turn the oven down quite a bit just after I posted so I hope it not over or under done!
 Cooking a joint (gammon) - smokie
It turned out very tasty.

Visitors today = 2 legs of lamb
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 Cooking a joint (gammon) - James Loveless
"2 legs of lamb"

Hope you got that meat thermometer out again, to ensure the correct temperature for the proper pink middle (65–70°C).
 Cooking a joint (gammon) - legacylad
At the opposite end of the spectrum…LL had a reduced microwave M & S Chicken Tagliatelle (£2.52) petit pois and Asda French fries. Took 15 minutes.
I’m not a foodie :-)

I also state the bleedin obvious.
 Cooking a joint (gammon) - Bromptonaut
Xmas plans for a few days in Southport, just Mrs B and I but scope for others to visit, were messed up by the Berlingo throwing a wobbly and having to be recovered home by LV. Plan B was implemented and we drove up to Liverpool to join our son and his partner on 24th, stayed until yesterday.

I was only meat eater on Xmas day. Was going to treat myself to a rolled turkey joint and cook half to last Xmas/Boxing etc.

Morrisons had whole turkey legs including a jointed thigh for just over £5 - nearly 2kg in weight. Roasted the thigh in foil covered with streaky bacon. Absolutely superb, moist and tasty.

Did the big day and yesterday with enough for one more meal.

Still got what I think is a drumstick with lot of meat on it in the freezer for another day.

Whole thing worked really well as I dog sat for son on Christmas night while he and Mrs B let their hair down with his g/f's family - too many people for me.
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 Cooking a joint (gammon) - zippy
Glad things worked out in the end Brompt. despite the problems with the Berlingo.

Despite costing a packet, Xmas dinner in the New Forrest was of mixed quality with dreadfully slow service - annoying because Miss Z had a shift to get to. All being together was was wonderful of course and Miss Z was very appreciative.

Not a fan of turkey myself. I can never get it right and it gets too dry. Except for the drumsticks - and I always feel like a caveman when digging in to one :-D

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