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 Shoe water proofing - sooty123
Anyone use those spray/sponge on for shoes and boots? There's something called nikwax which I've not heard of before. Or just best to stick with traditional wax?
 Shoe water proofing - Bromptonaut
Nikwax is a brand of waterproofing offering several products for footwear. Used it for years on walking boots and it's pretty good and can be worked into seams etc.

However, IME, it needs using with care as it can significantly darken and change the appearance of some types of skin, particularly Nubuck or suede.
 Shoe water proofing - sooty123
Cheers, not too fussed about colour change. Not mega expensive shoes just want to look after them.
 Shoe water proofing - tyrednemotional
...I use Nikwax on all the various (leather) walking boots/shoes we have. As it's there, I also use it on leather formal shoes. It comes in various forms, but I use this:

It takes some "working in" (especially if you use it from the tube, rather than using the applicator, which I find less than useful), but it is effective (and goes further than you might think).

I'm considerably less than convinced with the suede/nubuck treatments, though.

(My Paramo outdoor clothing, which is excellent, needs a periodic wash and reproof in Nikwax clothing products, and that's very effective).
 Shoe water proofing - Bromptonaut

We've used both liquid and wax versions. Work it into seams with your fingers.

Didn't realise it was available in black or brown - we just use neutral.
 Shoe water proofing - legacylad
Used Nikwax for decades. Footwear and re proofing clothing.

For 10+ years I’ve preferred lightweight non waterproof footwear for walking. 60%+ merino wool sox, remain warm when wet. Foot heat dries em out. Only in depths of winter will I wear ultra light leather boots or fabric boots with a membrane…once the membrane is compromised water gets in but strangely can’t find its way out.

Viz Top Tip. Hoka Stinson trail shoe. Max cushioning. Quick drying. Lasts me 6/9 months of Uber comfy long distance walking.
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 Shoe water proofing - Duncan
 Shoe water proofing - sooty123
Thanks for the advice, I've used traditional wax before on shoes and boots before. I'll try the nikwax and see what that's like.
 Shoe water proofing - Bromptonaut

Remember dubbining my foopball boots; mid Primary school.
 Shoe water proofing - Bromptonaut
>> Cheers, not too fussed about colour change. Not mega expensive shoes just want to look
>> after them.

Thinking back I used Nikwax, knowing the warnings, on suede type walking boots early nineties. Ever after they looked like ordinary leather.

They replaced a pair that I'd left in the garage over winter only to find mice had eaten the tongues...
 Shoe water proofing - Manatee
My walking boots I use Nikwax. I also make use of some Urad products, which one depends on the shoes. The one I reach for most often is MrJojo, the yellow tub, which you can put on anything. I use it on the car seats for example.

Their leather shampoo is good and I use that first if the leather is grubby.
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