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 How Has 2023 Been For you? - Duncan
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 How Has 2023 Been For you? - James Loveless

Had covid in February and never recovered fully. Have been involved with various recovery programmes, all of which boiled down to managing symptoms. Fatigued most of the time, brain fog pretty bad. Blood tests in the summer showed vitamin D deficiency, high blood sugar and high white blood cell count.

Now attending diabetes prevention classes, changed my diet and have lost 10 kg. Consultation with haematologist suggests I am borderline leukemic; treatment plan (if any) yet to be agreed.

At least ongoing surveillance shows my cancer, diagnosed five years ago and treated, has not returned.

You did ask.
 How Has 2023 Been For you? - Bromptonaut
>> Now attending diabetes prevention classes

Does that mean you're 'pre-diabetic'? I'd not heard the term until the last year or so when a work client told me he was.

Mrs B is too.
 How Has 2023 Been For you? - Runfer D'Hills
I’m on top form, thanks for asking!
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 How Has 2023 Been For you? - martin aston
They’ve moved the goal posts on what blood test results result in a pre diabetic classification. I now qualify. I’ve been waiting for a year for the self help sessions. I haven’t chased them up as I reckon my diet, weight and activity levels are OK-ish. If the sessions do start I might start smoking so I have something to give up and get them off my back.

Anyway back to the wider picture it’s been a good year. Such bad stuff as there has been just remind me that time and health are precious and to be savoured. Not original but it’s true.

For anyone having a bad year I hope 2024 is better.
 How Has 2023 Been For you? - James Loveless
"Does that mean you're 'pre-diabetic'?"

Yes - or I was. I have a strong suspicion my high blood sugar levels were the result of long covid provoking me to consume sweet foods in an effort to find an energy boost.
 How Has 2023 Been For you? - Duncan
>> .

It all started - this thread that is, not 2023 - when I decided to start a thread setting out what I had achieved, or not achieved in 2023. Did it on-line, copied and pasted into a new thread, looked at the result and the formatting was all wrong. tried fixing it, got fed up, deleted it - but of course you can't delete everything, can you?

Why can't we delete a post on this forum? Is it because? The same reason we can't edit after five minutes have passed! Why?

But, since you didn't ask, 2023 has been on balance an ok year, not very exciting.

Work. What's that? I have retired a number of times, the last time was at the end of 2019.

Marriage/Relationships. Still married to the same woman I started out with in 1963.

Cars. Sold the MB. Bought another Yaris.

Health. OK ish, I suppose, the Basal Cell Carcinomas seemed to have stopped recurring. I cycle regularly. A bit of walking - should be more. I would like to get back into swimming, but can't seem to get the urge.

Holidays. Did very little this year, a couple of 4/5 day breaks on the South Coast. That's all. i would like to repeat the break we had in Sidmouth, a very nice hotel, everything just clicked. I don't really see us going any further afield.

Prospects. More of the similar, I should think. Not the most exciting life on the planet, but the boxes seem to be ticked.

What about you?

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 How Has 2023 Been For you? - legacylad
First time I’ve taken a car overseas for a decade…normally rent at an airport.
I walk/recce walks virtually every day when in Spain unless too hot, so past 5/7 days had plenty of opportunities to pick the collective brains of walking pals.
Health permitting lots of plans being formulated. Still hope to die a pauper after blowing the lot on fun stuff whilst I’m able.
Other stuff in background takes up lots & lots of my time ( elderly mother living close by with Alzheimer’s) which focuses the mind on my own future.
 How Has 2023 Been For you? - Zero
Totally fantastic. Got a dog to Crufts for the first time, she won out of Novice at her last show of the season at 3 years of age so now we are competing with the big hitters again. 3 cystoscopies over the year with clear results, three scans and blood tests with clear results, and a colonoscopy with clear results. So cancer free for the second year running.

Really good caravan trips, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, - weather good for all of them. Nice cruise round the greek and turkish islands,

Nothing seriously adverse happened, no-one of personal note died, didnt get covid, so all in all. Yeah!
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 How Has 2023 Been For you? - smokie
Plenty to be happy about there Zero!!

Fairly quiet year for me, nothing exceptional really. Couple of long holidays in Portugal, and odd short breaks around the UK.

I'm finding working at the food bank sometimes a bit onerous but oddly satisfying. One good thing is that they do not ask for regular shifts, you just say which says in a month you can't do and are rota'd accordingly.

Not lost anyone this year, though one old mate came close and another had a stroke a few weeks back but both are well on the way to what appears to be a pretty full recovery. My sis has had Alzheimers diagnosed which is no fun.

Right now we're in the midst of a bathroom replacement. About another week to go, but I've found that hard work as the fitter arrives by 8ish each day meaning an early start and also we only have the one bathroom so I have to have had my strip down wash in the kitchen in good time for his arrival. He's a bit of a gem though, doing stuff which wasn't in orig spec without complaint. It'll be done by Christmas.

The kids are doing fine, the mental health nurse has had promotion to matron during the year, which is quite good for her age etc.

All in all nothing wrong with 2023, I'd more of the same in 2024 (but without the bathroom refit!!)
 How Has 2023 Been For you? - tyrednemotional
>> All in all nothing wrong with 2023, I'd more of the same in 2024 (but
>> without the bathroom refit!!)

...let's hope it lasts the year out, then. ;-)
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