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 Underfloor heating - bathroom - smokie
New bathroom being fitted before Christmas, including tiled floor. The whole bathroom is not large and the central floor area would probably not be more than about 2m x 1m. if that. So I just wonder whether one of those heating pads under the tiles might be a good idea.

Our installer would be able to fit it but he has an electrician coming in to do the connection and sign stuff off (shower, extractor etc) so additional labour cost would be huge. A quick glance says the bits would be about £200 or less.

Any thoughts? How long do they take to heat up and what do they cost to run? Would it make a lot of difference? I guess I could put it on a timer or even something which i can smart switch from my Home Assistant. I think we'd still have he towel rad (to put towels on of course!!)
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - Zero
I think the question is, how cold has it felt in previous years?
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - smokie
Good point, the answer being not very though it's not been a tiled floor previously, and a cold floor wouldn't bother me that much. SWMBO notices it more but doesn't seem so bothered about it.

She also doesn't want a basin tap operated by proximity, or a smart switch so the extractor fan runs till a certain level of humidity is reached, or a "bidet toilet" - some of which we're getting and some not!
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - Manatee
Proximity taps are for public toilets so we don't have to share everyone else's germs?

Grohe do a tap that runs cold with the handle at 6 o'clock, ie the parked position, with full hot at 9 o'clock instead of the usual 20 to and twenty past. The idea is that a brief hand wash will then use cold water. In practice most people don't run it until it's hot anyway, so the eco tap prevents filling the pipe with hot water and letting more cold into the tank. Every little helps.

Re the UFH - I wouldn't want to heat the bathroom with direct electric but as a means of avoiding bare feet on clap cold tiles I'd do it.

 Underfloor heating - bathroom - Manatee
The Grohe eco tap we used in the bathrooms

They were £70 when I bought them so they've gone up 25% since Sept 21!
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - smokie
The tap alone is more expensive than tap + waste! Interesting though (you're right about proximity taps I spose).

I'm not sensing massive support for underfloor, either here nor more importantly from SWMBO. Still interested in views though.
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - martin aston
Our neighbours has underfloor heating in their en-suite. They like it but, for economy, it’s on a time switch so nighttime visits with bare feet are still unheated. It’s maybe more use if yours is a main bathroom so you maybe only have it on for showers and baths.
The one thing I wish I’d done us to have a supplementary heater element fitted into the plumbed towel rail. Is that what you’ve got?
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - Ted

Isn't it inconvenient spreading all the towels out on the floor to dry them ?

 Underfloor heating - bathroom - smokie
"a supplementary heater element fitted into the plumbed towel rail"

I didn't know that was a thing. Can't see any links, can you oblige please?
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - martin aston
Googling dual fuel towel rails will kick you off. A specific one is at Victorian plumbing, part number COL031-EHK.
I've no experience of getting one fitted as I didn't know they existed when I had my bathroom done but I like the idea.
Thinking about it don't some hotels have these?
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 Underfloor heating - bathroom - slowdown avenue
had the bathroom fitted 20 years back, electric underfloor heating on the bits where you stand. never had a problem or regret. wish i had an electric towel rail. its your wfes bathroom , you want all the luxury you can get. it will be worth it
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - sherlock47
Depending on the layout of your house and ch pipework using the towel rail rack as the bypass radiator works well. Also if the hot feed to the radiator is run underneath the bathroom floor it is very effective in heating the floor - if you are tiling the floor this also works as a heat store. I say use plastic because you can coil bend etc. and positioned just outside the shower entrance gives a a nice warm feeling.
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - Fullchat
Tena Man can help with that :)

Standby for the ads in the top right hand corner.
 Underfloor heating - bathroom - BiggerBadderDave
Our ground floor is underfloor heated (hot water), first and second are conventional radiators.

Most of the ground floor is ceramic and all open plan, but the seating area is wooden floor. The floor tiles are toasty warm to the touch, not so much the wooden floor. That was a mistake. No carpets of course. I would never go for radiators again, they're restrictive on the furniture layout and not as good. I want to move my bed but it would block a radiator. I hate walking into the ensuite, bare-foot. Wish I had underfloor heating there too.

The ground floor is all much warmer than the rest of the house and heats quicker, too. Well, it's a 60 square metre radiator I suppose.

No issues so far in 20 years except the boiler, we're on the third.
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