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 Christmas - legacylad
Not my favourite time of year..very different if you are of certain religious persuasions.
Spotted the local council electricians wiring up the palm trees yesterday…when I return to the C Blanca early December they will look lovely, but I’d rather avoid Xmas altogether.
My longest career, one of many, was retail…entailed ordering Xmas stock at trade shows in April. Hence the lack of enthusiasm.

Magical time of the year for children, but having worked 7 days a week in the 7 weeks prior to, Boxing Day in the warehouse, back at the wholesaler 7AM on the 27th I’m somewhat biased.

And you know what you can do with round plastic boxes full of chocolates..tins seem to be history.
 Christmas - Robin O'Reliant
Many years ago I had a between jobs stint in a toy wholesalers to keep the cash flowing. During August we were flat out with Christmas orders for the retailers. The manufacturers had been churning the stuff out since spring began and product lineups had been decided when the previous festivities were still fresh in the memory.

 Christmas - bathtub tom
Grandson just had his birthday. Mum decorated the cake with mini, choclate Easter eggs!
 Christmas - Terry
Spain, aside from the "Torquay in the sun" resorts do Xmas much better - low key. None of the incessant advertising and associated nonsense from the end of October onwards. Far less excess, far less waste, less forced jollity.

Three Kings on 6th January is a celebration with a carnival atmosphere - processions, music.

My most enjoyable Xmas's in years gone by were overseas in the sun - pool/beach if the weather is good. out for a meal in the evening.

This year - east of Malaga for 5 weeks from mid-November to just before Xmas, back to see kids and grandkids for a couple of weeks, then back out early Jan.
 Christmas - Bobby
I remember at Sainsburys getting our first delivery of Easter Eggs …… on Hogmanay!!!
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