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 Velux blackout blinds - Bobby
We have a sunroom at rear of house. It has 6 velux windows, 3 either side of the pitched roof.

It also has windows and French doors all along one wall. When this was built as part of the house extension, planning insisted on there being external grade doors between it and the kitchen of the main house as it was not going to get the correct level of u values.

Up to last winter we used to use it in winter a lot with the gas fire on but with the energy prices, we opted mostly to leave it for the winter with the radiators on a low heat.

Anyway, to get to the chase, I reckon if I could insulate the velux windows in some way this could reduce the amount of heat loss in the room. I see from their website they have roller blinds that they claim save 25% of normal heat loss.

Anyone any experience of doing anything similar? My missus isnt keen on my idea of stuffing Old pillows into all the window openings!
 Velux blackout blinds - Zero
I have Velux black out blinds in my loft Velux windows, they work well because he design means they more or less seal the room from the glass (due to the runners down the side). beware of condensation on the glass tho.
 Velux blackout blinds - Biggles
There are two versions, internal and external. We installed the internal ones to cut out the light but doubt they provide much insulation. Replacing the windows with triple glazing ones would be the best solution but not the most economical.
 Velux blackout blinds - Terry
It is plausible blinds will reduce heat loss but only through the Velux windows, not the rest of the extension.

Assume (say) a 3m x 4m extension with walls 2.4m high abutting the existing house. There would be (3+4+4)x2.4 = 26sq m of exposed wall, windows, doors. The roof, depending on pitch will add at least 12 sq m.

In total there is ~40 sq m of exposed building. 6 standard size Velux windows cover ~3 sq m.

You may do well to consider the quality of existing wall and roof insulation - if a modern extension there may be little that can be done, but older extensions may have been less well built.

Just fixing the Velux windows is most unlikely to make a great difference to your heating costs overall.
 Velux blackout blinds - Bobby
Yeah it’s a modern extension so insulation in walls and ceiling but not to the levels that we would now expect or want.
I have roller blinds over the windows and pull down frame blinds for the patio doors but not sure what else I can do (missus had said no to a huge heavy curtain) !
 Velux blackout blinds - Bobby
Mmmm would have hoped these would have prevented condensation but I guess it’s never going to be fully air tight.
Adds a new dimension.
Six windows at about £90 a window is not “try it and see” territory for me.
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