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 Bargains Thread - Volume 26 - VxFan

Bargains spotted

Post links in here of any offers/bargains that you come across. Need not be motoring but motoring related is of course welcome.


To try and maintain some kind of logical order of discussion, if you start a new subject then reply to this post and remember to change the default subject header.

Volume 25 can be found HERE

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 Spray lance for your hose £3.75 - smokie


Won't be there long I suspect.
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 Spray lance for your hose £3.75 - VxFan
Price shows initially as £3.75, then when you go to "your basket" the price changes to £6.28.
 Spray lance for your hose £3.75 - smokie
Was £3.75 just before I posted it as I ordered one at that price... I said it wouldn't last!
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 Spray lance for your hose £3.75 - VxFan
Increased again to £6.47.

Just like it happens on eBay, when popularity of a product increases, so does the price.
 BBQ kitchen cart - Bobby
Sometime talk me out of this please???
 BBQ kitchen cart - Zero
>> Sometime talk me out of this please???

TBH I think it would melt if you put hot coals in it.
 BBQ kitchen cart - Bobby
Ha ha very good!

Though a confession. Not long after I got my Kamado egg bbq and was still experimenting I had done baked potatoes in it. Wrapped them in tin foil and chucked them amongst the coals whilst I cooked on the rack.

When finished, using my super heat resistant gloves I picked up the potatoes and brought into kitchen and lay them on worktop.

Couple mins later I realised that as well as the potatoes, I had also brought in some smouldering Ash……. There is now a strategically placed knife block!
 2 x quick fix tyre repair - smokie
for £7.85 seems reasonable, if you like the stuff.

 One for Duncan - Kevin
 One for Duncan - Duncan
Yep. I should have been in 'spoons today, but I bought another car instead.
 One for Duncan - Runfer D'Hills
Oooh, don’t leave that hanging Duncan!
Car you say? What manner of car pray tell?
 One for Duncan - tyrednemotional was a typo for "can"....
 One for Duncan - Duncan
Think small, boring and reliable (I hope!).
 One for Duncan - Manatee
 One for Duncan - Runfer D'Hills
Small reliable cars can still be fun if you want them to be!
C’mon spill!
It’s not often we get to talk about actual cars here these days.
 One for Duncan - Duncan
>> Small reliable cars can still be fun if you want them to be!
>> C’mon spill!

The herbivorous marine mammal got it three minutes before your post.
 One for Duncan - legacylad
Good car the Yaris ;-)
Highly recommend
 One for Duncan - Manatee
>> Good car the Yaris ;-)
>> Highly recommend

I agree. Some moderately elderly friends were looking for a smaller car to replace their 20 year old automatic Golf a couple of years ago and pressed me for a recommendation. I said if it were me I'd go Yaris. They are "over the moon" with it.
 One for Duncan - Zero

>> r They are "over the moon"

That Wetherspoon pub closed a while ago.
 One for Duncan - Duncan
>> >> r They are "over the moon"
>> That Wetherspoon pub closed a while ago.

The name has been used 13 times in Wetherspoons glorious establishments.
 One for Duncan - legacylad
Ex number 1 bought a 6 month old ‘03 Sport Cross on my recommendation. When it finally succumbed to the MOT 12 months ago I recommended she buy another Lexus and run it into the ground. Failing that I suggested a Yaris.
Bit small for her but she really likes her’s about 4yo and was meant as a stop gap, but I think it’s now a keeper.
Unlike other things :-)
 One for Duncan - Duncan
>> Ex number 1

How many have there been?
 One for Duncan - bathtub tom
I've had my Yaris for nearly 9 years, replaced the Almera (that out handled the previous Focus). Don't understimate them, that VVTI kicks in at 3kRPM, although it can't beat the hybrid.
 One for Duncan - zippy

I wanted FIL's Almera GTI when he passed. It was in perfect condition and I was willing to pay over the odds for it as I knew it was very well looked after.

Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and MIL sold it to some boy racer and it was bent round a lamppost a few days after getting it. Such a shame it was a very nice car - totally underrated.
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 One for Duncan - Duncan
We have had a Yaris since 2002. Very pleased with it. Err, not much else to say.

We are now, or should be later on this morning, be a two Yarii household.
 One for Duncan - Runfer D'Hills
If you don’t need a large car anymore, then that sounds entirely reasonable. Enjoy the car Duncan.
I quite like the look of the new Aygo X. I don’t need one yet, but if I was at some point shopping for a smaller runabout, I’d certainly be interested in checking them out.
 One for Duncan - legacylad
Had an almost new Aygo X as a courtesy car a few months ago.
I didn’t like it whatsoever. Felt incredibly ‘tinny’, lacked any performance, and I’d far rather have an older Yaris for the same money.
 (Virtually) Free mobile SIM only contract? - smokie
13 hours left on this deal.

For those with TopCashBack ( - sign up is free) - they are doing 100% cashback on certain 3 SIM only deals (excl any price rise next year).

That means it's virtually free.

I haven't investigated it too much so read the small print!!
 Thermos flasks - legacylad
My 20yo one gave up the ghost, so I researched online for flasks which keep their contents hottest for longest.
Thermos Ultimate flasks seem to consistently win such reviews.

Buying direct from Thermos they are currently on postage. 500 & 900 sizes. £24 & £28.

Just what I need for cold days out on the hill.
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