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 Days out - smokie
Done a few days out this summer to National Trusts and the like but far and above all of them was a visit to the Tower of London yesterday.

Being an EV driver I chose to driver straight across the City from the M4, and found parking at the adjacent Tower Hotel for £15 for the day. The journey was admittedly rather slow (both ways) but for me driving was far preferable to using the rail, even with my discounts.

We arrived just in time to get on a free hour long tour given by Yeoman Warder Emma Rousell which was both informative and funny. (Henry VIII to one of his wives - "I will love you till the end of ...... your life")

The Crown Jewels queue looked quite long in the heat but moved quickly and viewing etc was easy enough. We did most of the place in about 4 hours, on what was a very hot day,, then had a late lunch and finished off the day by crossing Tower Bridge and going for a stroll along the South Bank in the early evening. I'd never seen Tower Bridge open up but we saw it it happen three times yesterday!!

A recommended, if rather expensive, day out for those in the south.

Also done (though I'm sure I've missed some)

Apsely House
Disraeli's gaff at Hughenden (another interesting free talk from an NT volunteer)
Blenheim Palace (a regular favourite)
Grey's Court
Yhe Vyne
Ham House

And revisiting Bletchley Park next week for free as part of Heritage open days, I expect we'll do the computer museum there too - plenty of other places open around the country next

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 Days out - Bobby
Just checking- disocunts, does it work??
 Days out - smokie
It does, but I corrected it now ta :-)
 Days out - Bobby
Ha ha will remember for future use!
 Days out - Zero
My fav is Chartwell, Churchills country retreat. Plenty of good pubs dotted round there too.
 Days out - CGNorwich
Bateman’s, Rudyard Kipling’s house at Burwash is also well worth voting. Beautiful gardens and countryside.
 Days out - Rudedog
Chartwell is my 'back garden'.... Currently on the last few days of a week staying at NT Snowshill Manor up is the Cotswolds. Nice buildings..... fancy street just down the road called The Broadway could be in one of those period dramas.
 Days out - Manatee
Snowshill is a favourite. Not a grand stately home but stuffed with strange things.
 Days out - smokie
Looks good, added to the list (for next year now..)
 Days out - tyrednemotional
>> Snowshill is a favourite. Not a grand stately home but stuffed with strange things.

...ISTR lawnmowers?...
 Days out - Rudedog
In the attic there are loads of old metal and wooden bicycles.
 Days out - slowdown avenue
i try to make aweekend of it every year. norwich is a good weekend . castle and church and a load more. doing Ledbury this year.
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