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 Special offers that are not! - zippy
Vodafone have just sent me a special offer as a valued customer for over 4.5 years to get a new iPhone 14 Pro just before the new 15s come out.

The special offer is almost £15 a month more than if I were a new customer!

Scummy behaviour!

And they wonder why there’s no customer loyalty!

They’re getting as bad as insurance companies.

It’s time I changed. After being on a half decent sim only deal with them for the last couple of years they removed all of my discounts and my monthly charge for 120gb went from £15 to £25 a month a couple of months back and they’re insisting that no further offers are available.

 Special offers that are not! - Fullchat
I had a telephone call yesterday from a Manchester number but sounded like a call centre in India purporting to be from O2. Im currently with 3 on a SIM only deal.
After inquiring as to what tariff I was on. They offered me unlimited calls, texts and data for £5.

Anyway after supplying my credit card details I'm just waiting to be transferred to O2. Seemless :)

 Special offers that are not! - Fursty Ferret
It's weird. I'm with Vodafone broadband and pay £18/month for their 80mb broadband package, a discounted price which hasn't changed in six years because of a huge loyalty discount for having a phone contract with them. About once a month I get an email suggesting I upgrade to the identical package but paying just £35/month.

The simple fact is that telecoms companies are an unfortunate combination of incompetence, greed, and evil.
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 Special offers that are not! - Bobby
Have to say, been with O2 EE Virgin and Giffgaff.
Wife Vodafone and EE.

Best provider, reception wise, we have been with is EE.

They also seem to constantly be the dearest and very very rarely appear on any promotions or third party deals.

Three seem to be the most popular for these deals but know a few folk that say they have experienced patchy reception with them.
 Special offers that are not! - Duncan
I have been with Giffgaff for several years, 2GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £6 a month. Rolling 1 month contract.

No problem.
 Special offers that are not! - Manatee
£10 a .month on Giffgaff gets me 18GB plus all calls and texts.

Service depends on location. 4g is hit and miss indoors here. Most people who live here know voda and O2 networks are the least bad for mobile data, EE the worst. Giffgaff uses O2.
 Special offers that are not! - Bobby
Was with Giffgaff for £10 a month but switched to Virgin for £8 a month and double the data.
But they are in process of switching all to O2 so I switch in a couple of weeks and get another double data boost.
Just landed in Gran Canaria and happy that can use my phone and data as I do back home with no roaming charges.

Incidentally. I found Giffgaff very patchy. I know them and Virgin are advertised as using the O2 service but pretty sure O2 must put some constraints on it when demand is high?

I was sitting in a restaurant in Glasgow with a friend. I was Giffgaff and he was O2. He had full reception and I was struggling to send a WhatsApp.
 Special offers that are not! - smokie
Didn't Virgin buy O2? I know they keep trying to sell me an O2 SIM with my broadband, and have been doing so for 2+ years.

ID Mobile here, unlimited everything (incl 5G, if only I had a 5G phone!!) for £8pm. So much data I dont' know what to do with it all!!
 Special offers that are not! - CGNorwich
Got the same deal. Includes free European roaming. £8 pm v reasonable I think
 Special offers that are not! - Bobby
Yip they did.
ID Mobile use Three don’t they?
Don’t think they get free data roaming?
 Special offers that are not! - Fullchat
I'm with 3 which had free roaming up to Brexit + end of contract. Any new contracts lost roaming.
I kept the same contract and am still on free roaming (I think :) )
 Special offers that are not! - zippy
>> ID Mobile here, unlimited everything (incl 5G, if only I had a 5G phone!!) for
>> £8pm. So much data I dont' know what to do with it all!!

£16 a month now
 Special offers that are not! - smokie
I have roaming in my ID package. I think all of their packages do. Yes, they're Three.
 Special offers that are not! - legacylad
I’m with EE.
£10 extra pcm to use all my data and minutes when I visit the EU.
Bit annoying if it’s free with other mobile networks, but my local coverage is good, and I get some kind of loyalty discount because my home BB is also with EE.
Haven’t a clue what I currently pay per month for my SIM only..I’ll check !
 Special offers that are not! - MD
Giffgaff here for 5 years. £10.00 pcm. 20gb inc. All domestic calls and texts.

I’m currently looking at 1p mobile. Their rolling 1 month contracts, not their payg. They piggyback EE.
 Special offers that are not! - Crankcase
Very light user of phone so I have 1p mobile PAYG plus a £3 month data boost if I want it. If I do take it then that's 5gb, but I never use more than a quarter of it.

Calls and texts I spend maybe 50p a month at the very most.

Ends up about £30 a year, I guess.

They use EE, never an issue with signal so far.
 Special offers that are not! - Dog
>>Ends up about £30 a year, I guess.

The minimum top-up requirement of £30 pa with 1p mobile takes care of that?
 Special offers that are not! - Crankcase
Pretty much ,Dog, yes.
 Special offers that are not! - Dog
Gracias Cc.
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