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 Tattoo prices - legacylad
Haircut time yesterday...£9 down the drain, and my barber had two tattoos all down the outside of his right arm. So I asked him how much they cost. £800 apparently. That was a few years ago and the price has since increased. Another £800 if you want the entire inside doing, or half that if just the forearm.

I was just curious as tattoos have never interested fact I would go so far as to say I find them a huge turn off with the opposite sex. I know two pretty daughters of friends who both have huge tattoos on their thighs. Yuk.
 Tattoo prices - Bobby
100% agree!
And it does seem to be the current fashion trend for women to get legs tattooed.

Not my cup of tea but each to their own I guess.
 Tattoo prices - smokie
This, and nose rings etc.
 Tattoo prices - bathtub tom
I had a teacher who maintained a person's intelligence was inversely proportional to their body's
voluntary mutilation.

I've never come across anything to contradict that.
 Tattoo prices - Runfer D'Hills
Having worked in the fashion industry all my life, I’m sort of at peace and in fact celebrate people being experimental with the way they choose to present themselves at a given moment in time or period in their lives. It can be fun, interesting and intriguing.
But, a tattoo is a far more permanent statement that may well fit with a current mood or choice but is probably not applicable to the whole life of an individual.
Appearance can be radically altered by hairstyles, jewellery and clothing, but that is entirely reversible at a moment’s notice if circumstances or preferences change or dictate. A tattoo is still there whether it is wanted or not.
 Tattoo prices - Runfer D'Hills
…it’s also a good example of the law of unintended consequences in many cases, a bit like “personal” number plates on cars. The wearer of the tattoo or the driver of the car with the “special” plate presumably feels in some way enhanced by that display of what they may view as an expression of individuality when quite often it has the opposite effect on the intended admirer.

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 Tattoo prices - sooty123
> has the opposite effect on the intended admirer.

I think quite often there is no intended admirer.
 Tattoo prices - John Boy
>> > has the opposite effect on the intended admirer.
>> I think quite often there is no intended admirer.
They need the plate to identify their own car?
 Tattoo prices - Timeonmyhands
I’ve got my manhood tattooed with the name of that Welsh railway station.
 Tattoo prices - Terry
The vibrant piece of body art acquired one drunken night at the age of 20 in Ibiza will, by the time you reach 60, be a sagging, misshapen, pastel grey smudge.
 Tattoo prices - smokie
Ah but that applies to many peoples body parts, with or without art!! :-)
 Tattoo prices - BiggerBadderDave
Like a painting or illustration, what makes something work well in art is composition, contrast and dynamics. And those apply to a tattoo equally. The problem is so many tattoos I see, fail in all of them. So much truly, dreary awful stuff by the pool or on the beach, but some fantastic tattoos too. Just a rarity.

My daughter conned me into drawing her tattoo. She wanted a line-illustration for one of her uni projects which was inked into her arm a couple of days later. It made me giggle, though.

Each to their own, but think about it for a few weeks before you commit. My tattoo about 24 years old and no regrets at all. Might have it refreshed. Might have another.
 Tattoo prices - Bromptonaut
>> Each to their own, but think about it for a few weeks before you commit.

When you think about it include where it is and when it might be visible.

A youngster (early twenties) who was one of our volunteers at work had one on her lower forearm. Very arty and well done, good contrast with her skin tone - Indian heritage.

She was doing a law degree and aspired to the Bar. Very upset when somebody pointed out that Judges might have a bias about such things...
 Tattoo prices - Dog
A 'woman' my wife used to work with had big lips with a red tongue coming out and the words "up ya bum" tattooed on her fundament.

She was a teenager at the time - must be late 50's now, with sprogs of her own.
 Tattoo prices - zippy
Don't like them and wouldn't have one.

Don't mind a small, simple black and white tattoos on others.
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