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 As Seen on TV - Volume 26 - VxFan

A place to discuss what's on TV that might be of interest to others. (exc. Top Gear, F1, for example - which have threads of their own)


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 Blue Lights. - R.P.
Police procedural - PSNI based.

Watched the first episode, really not my cup of tea. Binged 2&3 whilst bored and fluey - Brilliantly made - right up there with Hill Street Blues.
 Blue Lights. - Dog
Brilliant prog, watched every episode so far.
 Blue Lights. - sooty123
Just watched all of the episodes, really enjoyed it.
 Colin from Accounts - legacylad
I got this totally wrong...thought it was an ‘Office’ type comedy.

Sydney based comedy, recommended by a pal. Laugh out loud.
On iPlayer, 1 series. 8 episodes. Hope there’s more to come.
Trying not to binge watch.
Colin is adorable
 Colin from Accounts - Duncan
Linky thing for the intellectually challenged?
 Colin from Accounts - tyrednemotional
 Colin from Accounts - bathtub tom
I suspect the PC 'woke' brigade haven't discovered the antipodes and hope they don't. There's some good stuff comes from there.
 Colin from Accounts - John Boy
>> I suspect the PC 'woke' brigade haven't discovered the antipodes and hope they don't. There's
>> some good stuff comes from there.
Well, they've discovered this and so have I, it's really good:
 Colin from Accounts - legacylad
Couldn’t resist. Binge watched it. Great kind of humour.
And loved the final episode with its range of emotions
 Colin from Accounts - Crankcase
Not just to be contrary, but having read so much good about it, I tried it.

Not for me at all. I had no idea if it was supposed to be funny, and was too bored to complete episode one. I couldn't care a jot about the characters

Ah well, must be something else out there for us oddities.
 Colin from Accounts - Robin O'Reliant
>> Not for me at all. I had no idea if it was supposed to be
>> funny, and was too bored to complete episode one. I couldn't care a jot about
>> the characters

You and me both.
 Colin from Accounts - R.P.
Same for me, my wife loved it and "got it"
 Colin from Accounts - martin aston
Did I laugh? Not much. Did I enjoy it? Yes, hugely. Funny thing humour……or not as the case may be.
 Am I Being Unreasonable ? - legacylad
On BBC iPlayer

Probably another marmite series....I thought it very funny, even hilarious in parts.

Adult humour and strong language.
 Steeltown Murders - Zero
About a serial Killer in 1970s South Wales. Starring Philip - Fire up the Quattro - Glenister.

Ok drama cold case drama, but contains a very good depiction of the 70's with many late 60's and early 70's motors.
 Ghosts US - bathtub tom
I liked the UK version and thought I'd try the US. Thoroughly enjoyed it and think it may have been better than the original. Very obviously based on the original and shown later at night, I suspect because of the slightly more adult humour.

I also watched the film Pride last night. Not a subject matter I'd normally be interested in, but it seemed to have some good reviews. A pleasant enough film, although it did seem to lose it's pace towards the end.
 Star-Trek Strange New Worlds - zippy
Available on Paramount+

Basically the Enterprise before Kirk, but with Spock, Uhura and Nurse Chapel. The captain is Captain Pike (from the pilot and a couple of episodes from the 1960's TV series). Lieutenant Kirk makes appearances from time to time.

It's clearly done on a budget, but very well done.

There's the usual mix of episodes including time travel, suspense, fighting, Klingons etc.

It's also got a sense of humour. In one episode characters from the future are animated - top quality animation, then become normal when travelling back in time.

In another, the whole thing is done as a musical - and very well done at that with cappella theme tune and full orchestra for songs which fit the plot - quite a risk to do and done well.

Anyway, I enjoy it, perhaps you will too.
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 Hijack - Apple TV - CGNorwich
Plane hijacking drama with Idris Elba. Well made and very watchable although could never quite put Airplane! out of my mind.
 A Haunting In Venice - zippy
The continuing saga of Kenneth Branagh's working holiday around the Med and the Adriatic sees him in Venice on 31st October 1947.

A suitably spooky who-done-it. Quite enjoyable. Unlike his sunny jaunts on the Orient Express and the on the Nile, this film takes place mostly at night, well it would, being about a haunting.

Suitably enjoyable. Made me jump out at one point to Mrs Z humour.

Would like to see more of the quirky OCD introduced by Branagh in the first film.

Looking forward to the next one.


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 A Haunting In Venice - CGNorwich
Outstanding moustache work!
 A Haunting In Venice - smokie
Was this on telly?
 A Haunting In Venice - CGNorwich
No Cinema. Not yet released for streaming. Well worth a trip to the cinema. Been a good year for film.
 A Haunting In Venice - smokie
I only asked as when looking which channel it was on I found it's on at the local Cineworld here in Portugal atm. I don't usually do movies, and def not out here (though it might be cheaper than out local one!)
 A Haunting In Venice - CGNorwich
If I remember correctly Portugal is one of those countries that uses subtitles rather tyan a dubbed version so watching the film out there would be possible (am assuming you don’t speak Portuguese)
 A Haunting In Venice - smokie
Even though it's dipped to 29 degrees today (it's been over 30 for most of he 1 1/2 weeks we've been here!!) it's still too warm to be sitting round indoors, unless beer is on hand :-)

We're here will early Nov so the time may come...
 The Long Shadow - R.P.
Excellent series on ITV. Seven episodes seemed lenghty but we watched it in a couple of goes.

Drama based telling of the Yorkshire Ripper

Excellent acting from David Morrisey (as George Oldfield) some lovely motors as a bonus.

 The Long Shadow - Manatee
A familiar story but worth watching. We lived in the area circumscribed by the loci of his offences in Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield and my wife was one of many women who did no go out alone at night for years. A young colleague of her sister was a victim. Oldfield himself was an irregular at my dad's local.

It was clear from the amount and apparent randomness of police activity that they were making no progress right up to the night that a couple of Sheffield coppers happened on him parked up with a sex worker in a car with false plates. They had been stopping any man they could find out alone in a car late at night. That didn't include me, but a neighbour whose habit it was to be out late was pulled at least half a dozen times. I was actually wondering if it could be him.

I wouldn't criticize any of the drama, it fits very well with my memory of the time.
 The Long Shadow - zippy
It's very well done.

I can only watch one episode at a time much to Mrs Z's annoyance - she loves this type of thing.

I get upset that people can be so evil.
 The Long Shadow - Ted

My wife wouldn't go out alone after one victim...Jean Jordan, I think....was found on allotments about 3/4 mile from here. I saw the main road was closed off by the allotments on my way home about 6pm.

The allotment was that of Bruce ( Les Battersby ) Jones, the Corrie actor. I think he found her when he and a pal visited to do some work. He was a suspect for a short time. It was where the infamous £5 note was found.

Oldfield was useless, obsessed by the false tape, he ignored other evidence. I later worked with a colleague who was on the case and we discussed it all in quiet periods at work..

Very good docu-drama though.

 The Long Shadow - Fullchat
Miss FC went to Leeds Uni and her first year accommodation was at Lupton Residences on Alma Rd in Headingley. Jacqueline Hill was his last victim and was murdered yards from her accommodation block. I didn't realise until after she moved in.
As it was she couldn't settle there and moved. I disclosed the information then.
 The Long Shadow - zippy
Caught last nights episode and was shocked at the victim blaming!

I hope this has changed?
 The Long Shadow - Kevin
Bob Ring, the cop who pulled him and then found the weapons, was a member of our local golf club. Without his uniform he looked more like a middle-aged marathon runner than a copper. Old school down to earth plod with a nose for something not quite right.
 The Long Shadow - Manatee
There's no doubt we owe Bob Ring and his colleague(s) a serious debt of gratitude. If the drama was anywhere near correct there was ample opportunity to let Sutcliffe slip or bail him so he could have removed evidence but they didn't.

And how fortunate that Sutcliffe was so daft as to use to use stolen plates.
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 Slow Horses - Robin O'Reliant
New series of Slow Horses begins on Apple TV tomorrow.
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 Slow Horses - Zero
Looking forward to it, I hope my nefarious ways of watching it still work.
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 Slow Horses - legacylad
Just renewed my EE SIM only contract and apparently I can get 6 months Apple TV free
Perfect for watching Slow Horses
No nefariousness involved. Not that I’d know how.
 Slow Horses - Zero
Well, nefariously, I have now watched two episodes of S3, and cracking TV it is.
 Bill agus an Spitfire - Bromptonaut
Another from BBC Alba. Ex BA pilot Bill McInnes talks a bit about his life flying the line from Rapides to the 767 and then takes a trip in a Spitfire at age 92. Gaelic language with English subtitles:
 Mr Bates Vs The Post Office - zippy
We've covered the debacle within these pages on several occasions.

A dramatisation is being aired on ITV at the moment and it is very good.
 Maigret - Ted

Talking Pictures, various times/dates. They've been airing the French Maigret series with the late Bruno Cremer as our hero. Over 50 of these 2 hour dramas set in the 50s and filmed in the 90s. Cremer died around 2010 at 80+ yrs and now lies in the Cimitiere de Montmatre.

SWM and I have found Saturday night TV awful so one of these episodes just fills up nicely. Good atmosphere, clear subtitles and a fair few of different French cars to look at rather than just the Citroen Tractions that appear in other productions. Getting them all on the TIVO Box.

 Last Flag Flying - sooty123
On Amazon Prime, worth watching. Sad and funny in equal measures.
 Masters of the Air. - Zero
Downloaded the first two episodes last night, watched the first. In short its "Band of Brothers" relocated to the USAAF 100th bomb group, Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk.

very good, good acting, good CGI (as most of it has to be) it has a well created 1950s style of filming.

Apple TV.
 Masters of the Air. - R.P.
Watched two episodes last night, seems to be a decent production. I box-setted Band of Brothers a couple of weeks ago. Still a mightily impressive work.
 Masters of the Air. - Zero
I'm at a dog show in Diss in April, might pop round to the Thrope Abbot 100thbomb group museum, in the still extant control tower.
Love old WW2 airfields, explored a few, best Being RAF Kings Cliffe, which had mixed RAF/USAAF. Lot of stuff still extant (and underground) with the Glen Miller memorial nearby (played his last hanger concert there)

Most exciting urban explore was the nuclear bomb store for RAF Wittering.
 Masters of the Air. - Manatee
Just started watching this.

A chap called Colin Kirsch, who once sold me a dateless registration number, supplied the film makers with 133 vintage bikes. He posts some quite interesting stuff on FB.

 Masters of the Air. - R.P.
Third episode (out yesterday Friday 2.2.24) was brilliant, best so far
 Masters of the Air. - legacylad
I must subscribe to Apple TV…think I got 6 months free on my new EE mobile contract. Slow Horses & Masters of the Air. Perfect for staying in and dry February. Personally, January was a very wet month after dry Christmas & New Year.
 Ferarri. - Zero
Well I saw it on my TV, as I missed it at the cinema.

Wow, what a film, even SHMBO enjoyed it immensely. Be warned tho, there is a shocking unexpected bit towards the end, not for the squeamish. Its a must see.
 Ferarri. - CGNorwich
Yes was a very good film. Shailene Woodley who played Enzo’s wife gave a brilliant performance.
Have been a run of good films lately. Apart from Ferrari have enjoyed Priscilla, The Boys in the Boat and The Holdovers which I saw yesterday. The latter is the best film comedy I have seen for a very long while and thoroughly rfecommended.

 Tik Tok: Murder Gone Viral - Duncan
A series of three started last night.

Awfully compelling.

What conclusions did you draw from it?
 OUT OF TOWN - zippy
A real nostalgia trip with Jack Hargreaves and shown on Southern TV. I don't know if other regions got it.

It's currently being shown on Talking Pictures. I don't think they have all of them though.
 OUT OF TOWN - Manatee
I've got a lot of them on either VHS or DVD somewhere!
 OUT OF TOWN - zippy
IMDB report that many episodes are "lost". You may be able to help complete a collection somewhere.
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Ignoring the series with the awful song by Max Bygraves, I remember the series that had the guitar solo theme.
Recuerdos de la Alhambra, (Memories of the Alhambra) composed by the Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tárrega in 1896. Probably the most technically accomplished version is that by Narciso Yepes -, tho I prefer the version by Sharon Isbin which has more feeling in the pauses and lifts.
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 BBC 4 Children's TV Night. - Bromptonaut
Found this by accident channel hopping last night:
 BBC 4 Children's TV Night. - Duncan
What are we looking at/listening to?

When I click on that link I get BBC4 with the sound of traffic, or birds?
 The Space Shuttle That Fell To Earth - R.P.

Brilliantly done in classic BBC documentary style. Most of the prime movers interviewed. One of the crew of Columbia had the best name ever for an Astronaut.....Willie McCool, a shocking tragedy.

 As Seen on TV Breathless - sherlock47
Started last night on ITV - a docudrama on Covid in the NHS,

Knowing that several posters work (or have relations working) in the NHS did this reflect reality, or has it been enhanced 'Casualty' style?

Will it attract the same public support (and realisation of Government role) as the dramatised Post Office vs Postmasters series.
 As Seen on TV Breathless - CGNorwich
It seems to me far too early to start watching a drama about COVID I would have thought most people would want to forget about it
 As Seen on TV Breathless - Manatee
>> It seems to me far too early to start watching a drama about COVID I
>> would have thought most people would want to forget about it

Is that a direct quote from Boris Johnson?!
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