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 RIP Tina - Lygonos

Her cameo in League of Gentleman....
 RIP Tina - smokie
I went to Nutbush, Tennessee a few years back - 2009. Stretching it to call it a city.... but still one of my favourite TT songs.

(Actually, kind of coincidentally, I saw a "reincarnation" of Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm at the Chicago Blues Festival during he same trip)
 RIP Tina - R.P.
We were talking about her after the report of her death was heard on the radio. I knew of her of course and would potentially recognise probably a dozen or more of her songs. Not a fan at all but she was part of the soundtrack of my life. Went through a lot I guess and a role model to victims of domestic violence. I often had dealings with a lady (drug dealer) who was referred to as "Tina Turner" as she looked like her in a certain light (maybe an expired candle)
 RIP Tina - zippy
I understand that she was more famous / popular abroad then at home.

Her song in the 2nd (I think) Mad Max film probably helped her career and of course the 1984 album "Private Dancer" was a change in her musical style to more rock / pop with the eponymous song written my Mark Knopfler and the album being recorded in the UK with British production teams.

>>Soundtrack of my life.... Ditto

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