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 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - zippy
Our two garages are under the house (built in to a bank).

There are 4 softwood doors. These have been attacked over the last few days by a creature with large claws judging by the gaps between the scratch marks.

They have actually created a six inch hole with will need repairing (I will get some aluminium sheet and attach it to the bottom of the doors).

We have badgers and foxes in our drive so I guess the culprit is one or the other.

How can I deter them legally?

(Ultrasonic devices don't work, we have them.)

 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - martin aston
They (allegedly) can be deterred by strong scents such as citronella or Jeyes fluid. They are cheap so worth a try.
The only time we had badger trouble was in my father in law’s old brick side extension used for storage. He found the door forced open and a sleeping badger under the work bench. He phoned RSPCA and they advised leaving well alone as they can be dangerous if cornered. He left the door open and it was gone when he checked later. He cleared out stored bird food that maybe attracted the badger and it never returned.
Have you anything in the garage that may attract them? Wild animals making the effort to attack fixtures are usually after food or a mate.
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - legacylad
Your badger was obviously looking for, and found, a WorkMate

I’ll get me coat
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - Dog
As senor aston says - what's in your garage that they want?

Back in the 80s when we lived in Hastings, we laid a new lawn then buzzed orf to Cornwall.

On our return Mr badger (and his mates!) had left said lawn looking lake the Somme in 1916.

This carried on when we returned from the duchy and they became a real nuisance waking me up at night.

I declared war on 'em, got my .22 rifle with superscope plus a powerful torch and went out at night on the hunt.

I did bag one, which I regret to this day :(

Moving on - literally, to Cornwall 24 years ago, chap who we bought our first owse from on Bodmin Moor, not a million miles from where we are now funnily enuff, used to feed Mr badger with peanuts in an old saucepan.

We carried on doing that for some time when we moved in. When we stopped feeding 'em, they started digging the garden up :)

I watched a video on YT this week of a woman feeding Mr fox on her doorstep - sod that!

 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - Zero
You have found out, how strong and powerful a large male badger can be. Very formidable, look magnificent but cuddly they aint.

As other have said, something, food wise, has attracted the badger, they have a very good sense of smell.
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - Rudedog
We must have a set nearby as they are a real pain around my house.

They run from the back garden down the side of the house and up through the front onto the road, they leave a path of destruction going through the recycling bins, digging up and eating the crocus bulbs and pooing everywhere.

We have one big brown one that sets the security light off all the time and has scared the crap out my wife when she came home after work as it run past her.

Certain times of the year they turn the lawn into a ploughed field.

Definitely not per friendly.
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - bathtub tom
Visiting rellies in Epsom, we walked to Nonsuch Park. I noticed a few cars parked in driveways with fences around them, a few inches high. I was told that was to protect the cars from damage by badgers.
It would seem it's not just garage doors they eat!
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - legacylad
Which cars do they prefer ?

Probably not a Citroen Cactus
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - Fullchat
You're on fire today :))
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - Zero
Need to keep a Jaguar or a Puma in the garage I think.
 Badgers (I think) are attacking garage doors - Crankcase
As I’m having a Chatgpt day, because I’m under the weather and sitting under a blanket, I asked it for you.

How can I keep badgers from scratching my garage doors?

There are several ways you can try to stop badgers from scratching your garage doors:

Remove attractants: Badgers may be attracted to your garage if there are sources of food or shelter nearby. Make sure to keep any food sources, such as trash or pet food, securely stored. Also, seal any potential entry points to your garage to prevent them from seeking shelter there.
Use repellents: You can try using natural or commercial repellents to deter badgers. Some natural options include placing strong-smelling plants like lavender, mint, or garlic around your garage, or using predator urine or hot pepper spray. There are also commercial repellents available that contain substances that are unpleasant to badgers.
Install barriers: You can also install physical barriers to prevent badgers from accessing your garage doors. This could include erecting a fence around the perimeter of your property or installing metal mesh or wire fencing around the base of your garage doors.
It's important to note that badgers are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 in the UK, so it is illegal to harm or kill them. Therefore, it's best to use humane methods to deter them from scratching your garage doors
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