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 Todays Work Cockup. IT based - zippy
The ongoing saga of working for a carp director.

Before Xmas carp director ordered a change to our pricing model.

He sent the IT department something like this (a made up, but illustrative example):

Account turnover Percentage Fee
up to 99,000 1%
100,000 to 199,000 2%
200,000 to 299,000 3%


The IT department checked with the director who was adamant that his instructions were clear and unambiguous and go away and stop asking silly questions.

This got implemented and signed off and run at the end of January. February charges were significantly down on previous months.

Why, because anyone who's account turnover was £99,001 to £99,999, £199,001 to £199,999 etc. didn't get charged.

The IT director is adamant that his team have done what was required and refuses to accept any blame and has the documentation to prove it!

All fun and games!
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