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 Got a new pair of wheels - RattleandSmoke

Just gone on the cycle track and done 8 miles in it, no problems so far :). I had Halfords build it for me though. For £160 I think its ok it is basic so should hopefully be reliable.

I think its a nice amount to spend because it is just a toy but I didn't want to spend too little and buy a load of crap.
 Got a new pair of wheels - Runfer D'Hills
That'll be alright Rattle. Glad to see you didn't get tempted into a chunk of rubbish at the same price level with allegedly better spec. Ideal as a re-entry bike. Bet you want something whippier by 2011 though ! Get those pins pumping........
 Got a new pair of wheels - RattleandSmoke
I doubt I will use it much due to weather (its nice now) and time etc. Next time I will put it through its paces down the Mersey Valley which is rouger terrain (e.g not tarmac).

I had a cheap Raleigh bikes years ago and it was very reliable, I had it about four years and nothing went wrong, I think I had to adjust the brakes etc but it got knicked in the end and I bought a 2gb hard drive out of the insurance payout (yes it was that long ago!).

I bought a cheap Apollo one a few years ago cost £99 but it never worked properly and ended up just chucking it out. I remember the a pedal lever falling of the crank and I had to push it home (I was 3 miles away) until I spotted an AA van and asked to borrow his rachet!.

So far with this one in my 8 miles it didn't squeek or rattle, the brakes work perfectly and the gear change is smooth. I hope its cheap because its very basic rather than poor quality. No doubt it is made in China but I don't think Raleigh would stick their name to anything to poor.
 Got a new pair of wheels - Fursty Ferret
Looks a really nice bike for the money.

Few tips: order some spare tubes and a pump and know how to change them. Find out now whether you need tyre levers or not to get the tyres off (been there, done that...). You might want mudguards unless you can guarantee you're not going to hit a dog **** on a wet day.

Wear a helmet and gloves. If you're going to ride every day on your holiday consider getting a pair of padded shorts too. Google "Endura Humvees", or any bike shop will sell just the liner which you can wear under normal shorts / trousers etc.

Most of my money seems to be funnelled to, which offer good prices and lightning fast delivery.

Remember, contrary to what it says on the can, never use WD40 on a bike unless it's specifically to degrease components. Get some good wet lube (oooh errr) and stick a few drops on the chain, on any pivots, and trickle a bit down all the cables.

And ESPECIALLY since Halfords built it up for you, go over it with a fine tooth comb and make sure all the bolts are tight. There should be no play in any component save the brakes.
 Got a new pair of wheels - RattleandSmoke
It pushes silent and there is no wobble in the wheels and everything feels tight etc. Mud guads may be a good idea and I will probably buy a more comfortable saddle too.

I am not really going to use it that much but when I do it will probably on countryside and my local longest urban cycle track in the UK at 8 miles long. That is a 16 mile round trip and no doubt I will be stopping of at places on the way so when I do use it I could easily end up doing 30 miles in one trip so it does need to be reliable.

I won't be using it on holiday as its too much hassle with hotels/trains etc. I would be worried all the time on the train in case somebody nicked it.

 Got a new pair of wheels - Iffy
...Looks a really nice bike for the money...

Agree with that.

Flinger mudguards work OK and just clip to the seat post - rear - and downtube - front.

...not going to use it that much...

Worth putting it in the harder to pedal gears when you leave it so as not to leave the gearchange cables under much tension.

Properly pumped up tyres mean fewer punctures.

Others on here - or the bike shop - may be able to advise, and there should be something on the tyre wall about max pressure or pressure range.
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 Got a new pair of wheels - Robin O'Reliant
>> Most of my money seems to be funnelled to >>

And Rlbble, and Probikekit, and Wiggle, and my three local bike shops :-(
 Got a new pair of wheels - Dog
I've owned a few Raleigh's over the years - they've always been good bikes.
The company goes back to 1887 ~

 Got a new pair of wheels - RattleandSmoke
I was looking at all the places I can get to via the off road cycle path and I may well be able to use this bike for more than just pleasure.

I will probably get the bike insured too.

It will also be very handy on a Sunday (I don't drive on Sundays in case I am too drunk from the night before) for when going to meals and stuff. I am seeing this not as an altnerative to the car, but as an alternative to the bus.
 Got a new pair of wheels - Runfer D'Hills
Last time I lived in a city centre I used my bike more than the car. Quicker journeys and less hassle usually. Panniers and a rucksack mean you can even do a supermarket run without too much bother. You might even find it can be used for work sometimes. Best to get some elbow protector pads though so when you clatter people's door mirrors it doesn't hurt so much.......
 Got a new pair of wheels - RattleandSmoke
I will be mainly using it off road anyway I am just so lucky to have an 8 mile stretch of urban traffic free cycle way on my door step.

I can see myself spending way over £300 at this rate but one thing at a time.

Just looking forward to summer too if the weather permits. Lots of lovely country rides I can go on and may even look into other traffic free rides I can get to by a train.

 Got a new pair of wheels - Ted

I suppose I'll be seeing you hurtling past the end of my garden on a regular basis !
Just thought I'd let you know that we have a comprehensive first aid kit here and my daughter is a paramedic.
I got my bike registered with the Police into some scheme some years ago......I don't know if it still operates but I've got the details here somewhere.

Happy riding !

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