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 Virgin Fails to Get It Up - zippy

Shame, I was rooting for them. I know we have a space industry - as in designing and building satellites but it would have been nice to see this work.

I also liked the idea of an aircraft launched rocket. Even years ago I thought there might be a cost saving in reducing the distance the rocket had to fly, even if it was only by a few miles.

The 747 is a good choice as there is a loading point between the engine and wing to carry a spare engine, though a rocket probably weighs a bit more than a spare engine.

I hope they have success for subsequent launches.
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 Virgin Fails to Get It Up - R.P.
Indeed Zippy.

The guy from whom works in a factory building satellites down the road. Part of the former Quinetic group. Judging by what we've found in this house, I wouldn't have had him for a rocket scientist though !
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