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 Tooth Guards - zippy
The dentist has said I should invest in some tooth guards as it appears that I grind my teeth at night!?

He sells them for £100 but suggests I can get them much cheaper on line but cannot recommend any.

Does any of the forum who still have their own gnashers :-) have any experience of a good brand or should I just find a set on Amazon?

 Tooth Guards - martin aston
Yes I had a dentist-made one several years back. It took a few nights to keep it in as your reflex is to push it out while you sleep. It did the job and, after a year or so, my grinding seemed to stop although I do know I tend to clench my teeth on occasions during the day which no night guard is going to stop.

Mine was custom made like they do for a denture (wax impression etc) and covered all my lower teeth. It also was trimmed by the dentist after a follow up visit to stop it rubbing. Maybe nowadays it’s done by a computer and probe creating a 3D virtual model. This is how my dentist creating my recent implant. As for online guards I am not sure what’s available online but given that jaw and tooth alignment can affect headaches and tooth wear I would be inclined to get one fitted by the dentist but do you get a custom made one for £100, it seems a bit cheap? Are his just generic off the shelf guards? In that case online might be just as good.

Finally as it sits in your mouth for hours on end I would want to know what any online one was made of and that nothing was leaching from it.

Fair play to your dentist for not just flogging you his in house solution.
 Tooth Guards - Lygonos
I initially had one for my lower teeth but it meant my tongue sat on top of it and I tended to bite it when I slept and had ulcers all the time.

Dentist made it for me. £80-100 seems to be the going rate.

I now use a guard for the upper teeth.

They don't tend to stop you grinding/clenching but they will drastically slow the wearing down of your enamel.

My teenage son does boxing so I also got a boxer's mouthguard to use as a back up and it seems fine but a bit more bulky.
 Tooth Guards - Ted

I just take my lower ones out at bedtime.....simples !

 Tooth Guards - sooty123
I had one earlier this year, it was made with the gum setting type. I couldn't get on with it and only managed a couple of nights before giving up.

No idea how much it cost.
 Tooth Guards - Crankcase
For what it's worth, I had an issue a while back with biting the inside of my cheeks while I slept. Painful.

I bought these as a temporary solution pending the dentist. They worked well for me.

Dentist then offered me professional guards at eight seven squillion quid, so when we finished laughing I said I was using something from a tenner from Amazon. He didn't exactly fall over in horror, but nor did he tell me it was a bad idea.

Anyway, after a few weeks the problem seemed to solve itself, so I was able to stop wearing them. Been ok for a year or so now.

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