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 Amazon - Free Gift - zippy
Just got home and noticed a package from Amazon.

Inside was a 900g tin of Cadbury Heros.

The enclosed slip reads: We hope you enjoy your gift and we hope to see you soon at

Nice surprise.

Thank you Amazon.
 Amazon - Free Gift - VxFan
>> Cadbury Heros

Probably couldn't sell it to anyone, because of the spelling mistake ;)
 Amazon - Free Gift - Manatee
I'm wondering if they sent it because Zippy had spent a lot, or not spent enough.

I haven't got mine yet!
 Amazon - Free Gift - smokie
Probably contains a microphone and camera, Jeff Bezos will watching over you at Christmas from his willy shaped spaceship!!
 Amazon - Free Gift - tyrednemotional
...trying to get a glimpse of zippy's spaceship-shaped willy? ;-)
 Amazon - Free Gift - bathtub tom
An estate agent sent us a box of biscuits last Christmas, hoping to get the business.

We ate the biscuits and still kept the original agents.
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