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 World Cup - legacylad
Opening comments....
Strange how my affiliation with football has changed over the decades.
As a nipper...below 10yo, my Dad took me to watch every Bradford Park Avenue home game.
Later, at skool, and until my late 20s, I had season tickets for LeedsUtd and Huddersfield Town.

Marriage and a different career came along...retail, 6 days a week, so a very different change of priorities...a substantial business loan/s and mortgage meant no free Saturday afternoons for 20 years, by which time I’d lost all interest in football. Strange that. It just crept up on me.

I know the name of the England manager, but truly & honestly, I can’t name one England player. The only World Cup player I can name is Gareth Bale, and he plays for Wales. How odd is that.
Even sadder I don’t give a stuff whether England win or lose. Probably a mix of overpaid half wits and alleged corruption with FIFA over the years.
 World Cup - zippy
I don't support a team anymore but did as a kid. I was never any good at remembering the names of the players or even recognising them.

I do enjoy big games where there is skill and excitement though and thoroughly enjoyed the ladies world cup.

This time round I feel totally underwhelmed. Perhaps it's the dark nights, but I suspect it's more about the thought of the tournament being held in such an oppressive country. And on top of that, Gianni Infantino weird speech that just about insulted every diverse group you could think of. I think he was trying to be statesmanlike but came across very much an insensitive buffoon.
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 World Cup - Robin O'Reliant
>> Perhaps it's the dark nights, but I suspect
>> it's more about the thought of the tournament being held in such an oppressive country.

In recent years it has been held in South Africa and Russia, hardly doyens of liberal democracy where gays and transgenders are treated with respect. Qatar got it because of massive corruption in FIFA, but most World Cups are awarded after brown envelopes are handed over somewhere along the line.

Just sit back and enjoy the football.
 World Cup - Manatee
No interest in the fitbal, although I did once go to a world cup game.

I had the opportunity, and I would have regretted missing it. I had trouble following it without a commentary and England lost on penalties.
 World Cup - Ted

I shall enjoy seeing the England matches, possibly because half the squad are Manchester City players. Tomoz at 1300, good time for lunch 18 inches from my 32 inch monitor being there, only cheaper.

I've supported City since Trautmann days but I never went to matches when I was younger due to other interests. Later, they were rarely on the TV. I went to YaYa Toure's farewell match complete with corporate evening meal but I wouldn't go to the Etihad again. The steps down the terraces didn't look safe for someone unsteady like handrails. Also when something exciting happened everyone stood up leaving me sat down and unable to see the action.

 World Cup - Zero
Used to be a huge footie fan, no longer so, no interest at all. The England team is full of players more concerned about their image rights, social media profile and earning potential than playing for country or the fans.

Supporting a domestic club? Nah not when its a PLC stuffed full of foreign staff with absolutely no skin in the tradition, history or locale of the club.
 World Cup - Runfer D'Hills
I have tried so hard over the years to be interested in watching sports events, but I just can’t seem to stay engaged with any of them for more than a short time. Which might be odd, because I’ve always been a keen participant in sporting activities. Just can’t be bothered watching other people doing stuff when I could be doing something myself I guess.
Wired up wrong I suppose, because I know many, maybe even most do enjoy spectating.
 World Cup - Zero

>> Wired up wrong I suppose, because I know many, maybe even most do enjoy spectating.

maybe if you watched you'd learn how to do it without breaking chunks off your body.....
 World Cup - Runfer D'Hills
Aye, maybe you have a valid point there !
 World Cup - Manatee
Just tried to ring my joiner to fix something for me. It was 12:58 and of course he had just sat down with a beer to watch the footy. So I've given up and switched it on. He'll see right through me but I'll feign as much interest as I can when he calls me back.

 World Cup - CGNorwich
Very impressive first half.. Nice to watch something other than doom and gloom. Shall be Wales tonight and follow the whole competition.
 World Cup - zippy
Can someone make sure the Brazilian referee takes his guide dog with him next time he refs.
 World Cup - sooty123
 World Cup - Robin O'Reliant
That was some final, probably the beast ever.
 World Cup - smokie
I'm not really a footy fan but I watch the important matches and that was a good 'un. I didn't really have a favoured side so the actual outcome was not important.
 World Cup - zippy
Yes, a fantastic game!

Argentina deserved that all the way!
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