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We all have a moan about price rises and poor quality services, here is a tale of a good company and I will be recommending them to friends...

Miss Z had to move 90 odd miles down the road for her new job. Because of a very busy personal life she left arranging the move a little late and quotes were between £800 and £1200.

(A two bed flat, 90 miles move, with a weeks notice.)

I wasn't surprised at the prices but encouraged her to get another couple of quotes.

One more call was made. £350! Seemed very cheap. What's the catch? They couldn't do the Monday (her preferred day but could do the Tuesday, which wasn't a problem for Miss Z).

Like all of the other firms they asked for a video of the flat and its contents. Payment on completion.

Turns out they had a collection just down the road from where Miss Z was moving to, on the Tuesday and they just charged her the extra cost of packing and unpacking her stuff.

Three guys turned up in small box vans, all about 59 reg and a bit tatty, wearing corporate TShirts. One was the owner. I was there and they packed Miss Z's belongings with care.

We got to the new address and they were waiting for us.

They unpacked and reassembled the furniture with care and put it where wanted. Bill presented with proper VAT details and payment by card machine to corporate account (so not employees doing a trick).

Really polite and friendly through-out. Miss Z tipped them enough for a very good night at the pub.

It's nice to get good service.
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