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 Energy bills - Volume 4 - VxFan

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 Energy bills - Volume 3 - sooty123

No announcement what that means in price kwh, seems a very pricey scheme. But I guess needed something like this.

Back into fracking as well it would seem
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - CGNorwich
“But I guess needed something like this. “

Should pay for a weeks holiday
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - sooty123
£100 bn, that's quite the holiday.
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - tyrednemotional
...only what he's accustomed to....
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - Crankcase
Fracking..."where there is local support". So that won't be happening in many places.
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 Energy bills - Volume 3 - sooty123
Seems the price cap per kwh won't be released for a few days yet.
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - legacylad
Santander are doubling cash back to 4% on gas and electric bills for 2 months from September.
With my £90 pcm DD that’s £3.60...sufficient for a pint at my local.

Or maybe two if you visit ‘Spoons. Every little helps.
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - CGNorwich
Just got email from OVO

New rates from 1st Oct


standing charge 38.93 per day was 37.92 per Kwh
unit rate 35.05 per Kwh was 29.23 per Kwh


standing charge 28.48 per day was 27.22 per Kwh
unit rate 10.3 per Kwh was 7.34 per Kwh

As you can see they are increasing quite substantially at 1st October
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - smokie
Had the same from Octopus yesterday except it didn't detail electricity as I'm not on a fixed tariff.

Gas standing charge going down from 27.216 to 26.841
Gas unit charge going from 7.476 to 10.458

It says these prices include the Energy Price Discount but not the £400 Energy Bill Support Scheme.

I'm a bit puzzled with electricity. I am on a Go tariff which I get 4 hours overnight at 7.5p and the rest of the day is 36.x. I think I have that till next ?June, though I could swap out if I wanted. But I won't as a large part of my consumption is at the lower rate.

Elec for July/Aug

Cheap rate 525 kWh £39.37 (charge car, dishwasher, tumble dryer, washing machine)
Day rate 286 kWh £99.76 (not a lot more than cooking, TV and lighting!!)
 Energy bills - Volume 3 - Terry
Local support for fracking - you bribe them - new sports centre, or a bypass, or a theatre complex, or a hospital - the options are endless!
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 Energy bills - Volume 3 - Zero
Any attempt to frack will last as long as the first earth tremor.

Think Road protestors, HS2 protestors, aided and abetted by the local home owners financed by Nimby Inc and you'll find out what civil unrest means.
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 Energy bills - Volume 3 - Terry
The nimbys of all varieties and whatever motivation are why we are where we are today - either dependent on world energy markets and subject to the whims of a Russian despot.

The UK knew there was an impending energy supply problem 30 years ago as power stations reached the end of their lives.

Hinckley C was one of 8 possible sites nominated in 2010 and will be the first to become operational now in 2027. Sizewell is at the proposal stage.

Wind turbines approvals - offshore takes 4 years. Onshore just about non-existent in the last 6 years.

Nationally critical projects need to be driven through assertively. Trying to convince the minority - which may include the sincere, intelligent, weird, foolish, deliberately disruptive etc - simply adds to time and cost and damages the interests of the vast majority.

A good example is Brexit (love it or hate it) pushed through on the basis of a very small majority o the back of some very questionable arguments. For most the agenda has now moved on from "should we/shouldn't we" to a more rational how do we make it work.

 Energy bills - Volume 3 - Robin O'Reliant
Just had a letter from my gas supplier (Calor). My gas has gone up from 53p per litre to 65.50, about 21.5% if my maths is correct.

Unwanted but bearable, especially if I can convince Mrs O'Reliant that the house does not really need to be as hot as a foundry during the winter.
 Gas Fracking - Rudedog
So it looks like fracking is back on the cards to secure a UK source of gas.

Lets hope that their were quite a few conditions imposed on the company(s) to make sure that this gas is available to the UK market as a priority also lets hope that equally the Govt are going to reinstate/build new gas storage to give us true security like in many parts of Europe seem to have.

 Gas Fracking - CGNorwich
It won’t happen. Not really commercially viable. Comes under the category of “we must be seen to be doing something”.
 Gas Fracking - Zero
Gov says it will depend on local support, So not going to happen.
 Gas Fracking - Terry
A previous proposition was to "bribe" the locals - new hospital, by-pass, leisure centre, parks, social housing - whatever makes the locals say "yes".

The UK only meets ~50% of its gas needs and that is falling. Fracking will help UK energy self-sufficiency - whether it closes the gap is questionable.

UK PLC will benefit to the extent that extraction will generate tax revenues. Whether it makes any difference to world prices, and therefore UK domestic tariffs, is very debatable.

Whether the risks of earthquake and contamination of ground water used as arguments by the nimbys against fracking are of substance, or skewed scaremongering is difficult to establish.
 Gas Fracking - CGNorwich
What the founder of Cuadrilla thinks about the futrue of fracking in the UK:
 Gas Fracking - Rudedog
So how did 'they' manage to get away with some of the inland wind-farms? I can't believe in a month of Sundays that most of those had local support.

 Energy bill - Rudedog
Maybe it needs to be made clear that the average price cap on energy bills is per source...

Just got my estimates from BG for costs from the 1st of October.

Gas = £2,959
Electricity = £2,085

That's just for three adults in an early 70's built house, all of us are out during the day and the timers only are on for an hour in the morning and three in the evening.

And I guess that's based on what we have used during the summer let alone the winter?

Thank goodness for our wood fire which we be using more and more.

Unfortunately (!) I have my elderly MiL staying next week and she insists on having the heating set at 24 all day along.
 Energy bill - Falkirk Bairn
>>I have my elderly MiL staying next week and she insists on having the heating set at 24 all day along.
Buy her a onesie and a pair of warm slippers
 Energy bill - fraudsters - zippy
Up on the banks warning system today.

There are loads of people who have clicked on mobile phone messages and emails re claim your energy rebate here type messages over the weekend and today.

Must be because we are nearing the end of the month.

Back office people are working their socks off cancelling fraudulent transactions!

Worth mentioning, don’t reply to unsolicited texts or emails regarding energy rebates!

 Electric office heater - Bobby
I still WFH in an office which is around 3M x 2m.

I am thinking on days when I am in myself (wife and son work shifts) I would probably keep the house heating off and just heat my office with some sort of electric heater.

Any recommendations? What do I need for this space? Wouldn’t want a fan one due to noise. Thinking more of a panel or oil filled thingy.

What’s most efficient? Assume I would just need the lowest power output got that space?
 Electric office heater - CGNorwich
All electric heaters are equally efficient in that they will all deliver exactly the same amount of heat per KWh. Fan heaters will warm the air quicker but as you say are noisy. I would go for the oil filled radiator convection heater i.e Dimplex type with a thermostat.
 Electric office heater - CGNorwich
Get one a bit bigger than the size of the room demands. Thermostat will regulate output so it won’t cost more to run and might be useful elsewhere.
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