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 Medical records - MD
After some aggravation I managed to get my full medical records 'unlocked' as, A. I wanted to have a good old nosey and, B. I wanted to let a third party Doctor have access for an independent report. This was duly carried out and all was well.

Two weeks ago I decided to go back in and have another look and it is now locked (coded). I questioned the Gestapo at the surgery on the matter asking if this is normal. I then requested to have it unlocked was basically met with a very large NO. Can the medical professional here (or indeed any other) enlighten me please.

 Medical records - Manatee

Might be some use.

I'd expect similar from the guards at my doctor's. I have to chill before I even speak to them.
 Medical records - MD
Thank you. I'll have a look in a mo'. Cheers.
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