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 Drilling holes in tiles - bathtub tom
Trying to fix some stuff in the new place. New wall tiles and I can't drill them. Carefully marked up on masking tape and the masonry bit just skids off. Never had this problem before and I'm sure I've only ever used masonry bits. Have things changed, or do I need some unobtanium tipped bits?
 Drilling holes in tiles - Zero
Masonry bits simply aint sharp enough to cut through the glaze.

And dont forget to take the drill off hammer mode!!!!!
 Drilling holes in tiles - RichardW
Depending on how hard the tiles are you might need to go up to one of this sort:

Had to use this type on the tiles in the bathroom here, the tiles just laughed at the spade type bits!
 Drilling holes in tiles - Fullchat
The issue is breaking through the glaze. The tile behind is relatively soft in comparison. Ive used the specific arrow headed bits with reasonable success. Smaller the better for the initial hole then enlarge.
 Drilling holes in tiles - Timeonmyhands
Porcelain tiles are a problem, same hardness all the way through. Tungsten carbide drills will not touch them, have to used the diamond encrusted drills.
 Drilling holes in tiles - Manatee
These are perfect for ceramic tiles. I just used one to put up a blind in a fully tiled bathroom. Clean holes, even near the edge. Just don't try to drill in the grout joint.

I haven't actually used them on porcelain tiles, but I think some of the reviews say they work on those as well. If yours are wall tiles then they are probably just ceramic.
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