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 Wimbledon - Robin O'Reliant
I'm not normally a tennis fan, but that was a cracking match between Murray and Isner. The latter's serves are something else at over 130mph. He holds the world record at 157mph!

As someone who only played with a few mates over the park I once had a game against a moderate club player and I could barely see the ball let alone return it. These guys are something else.
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 Wimbledon - Duncan
Ridiculous game.

What do they have? Is it 18 officials so that 2 people can play a soppy game of ping pong?

What's all this about have umpteen goes at serving. You hit the net with your first serve? Don't worry, you have another go until you get it right.

When my party get into power - and it won't be long now, I can tell you - the officials of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club will be the first up against the wall.
 Wimbledon - Bobby
Actually thought it was a very poor game. Think the big man has something like 38 aces which is equivalent of winning one and a half sets!

I like a game filled with rallys and winning points with great shots. Not just huge serves.
 Wimbledon - Manatee
McEnroe said Isner is possibly the best server but the match would be as interesting as drying paint.

The boss is a tennis watcher. Best match we've seen this week IMO was Serena vs. Harmony Tan.

Sorry to see Ryan Peniston out but he's done well.
 Wimbledon - MD
I quite enjoy watching a game of tennis. The Murray / Isner match was quite special. I could play a reasonable game in my yoof.

Pleated garments of the short nature are quite a distraction, but thankfully not in the Murray game:-)
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