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 Latest Non-Delivery Excuse - zippy
Been waiting at Miss Z's place today for a delivery.

Just got an update from the courier firm: "We are sorry we cannot deliver your parcel today as our driver cannot find your house".

They have the postcode, number, road (close actually). How hard can it be!
 Latest Non-Delivery Excuse - Terry
Obvious - sat-nav and smart phone failed. No 4G connection. Don't believe it but .........
 Latest Non-Delivery Excuse - zippy
I’ll forgive them.

Found out that the vendor’s IT system was down and the address details were entered on to DPDs systems manually.

The address was loaded incorrectly as 22 Any Close. Should have been 22 Sunny Court, Any Close.
 Latest Non-Delivery Excuse - bathtub tom
Pah! I've had stuff delivered to number nn a road away with a card dropped through my door telling me where it is.

I've had a card dropped through my door telling me my package is two doors away, only to find out it wasn't for me, but for someone two streets away. Two doors down got snotty and told me they wouldn't accept anything else for me when I pointed out it wasn't for me! I took pity on the folk expecting it and walked it round to them. They gave me an earful as they'd got a message telling them it had been delivered and asked me where the hell I'd been!
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