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 Fire Service Cuts - They May Not Attend an Alarm! - zippy

Beggars belief. I know some will say it's sensible money saving etc. but a bit of a micky take for businesses that pay their business rates to find their property in cinders because the Fire Brigade couldn't be bothered to turn up!

I suspect it will take the death of some poor unfortunate, on the property, doing maintenance out of hours to change their policy.
 Fire Service Cuts - They May Not Attend an Alarm! - smokie
Seeing as you appear to have not read beyond the headline, here are the salient bits.

"East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said due to false alarms it will not attend those at ‘low risk’ commercial premises between 9am–5pm from Monday–Friday – except bank holidays.

"The service said it will attend the alarm if it receives telephone confirmation there is a fire.

"A spokesperson from the service said, “Low risk premises are classified as premises with no sleeping risk - such as offices, shops, factories, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

“In these premises, when people are present, trained members of staff are able to confirm there is a fire and call 999 for the fire service; we then send the appropriate resources to deal with the incident.

“When people are not present, such as when businesses are closed typically between 5pm and 9am and at weekends and bank holidays, the life risk is very low, however, the impact on the business may be greater. Therefore at these times we continue to respond to automatic fire alarms in the normal way.”

As you were :-)
 Fire Service Cuts - They May Not Attend an Alarm! - Zero
Much the same as goes on now then.
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