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 How to deal with slugs - smokie
now that slug pellets are banned.

We usually have a lot of slugs and used to use a lot of pellets but now they are banned.

Beer seems to be the favoured alternative but I was also looking at (rather pricey) nematodes.

Does anyone have any experience using them?
 How to deal with slugs - bathtub tom
>> now that slug pellets are banned.

They're not. Metaldehyde was banned, but that was overturned. I understand it's to be banned again from today.

The alternatives are useless. I keep a trigger spray of (very) salty water which I use as a spot weedkiller (particularly effective on nettles and dandelions). A tiny spot's effective on slugs, particularly the big brown ones that seem to plague my garden.
 How to deal with slugs - CGNorwich
I think that we just have to live with them. I haven’t used slug pellets for years. Barrier methods such as ashes and gravel work and will protect most valuable plants. Some plants like Hostas I have given up on. Slugs and snails are an important part of the ecosystem eating dead leaves an plant materials an there’s no doubt slug pellets were harmful to wild birds and indeed pets so I think the decision to ban them was the right one.

Haven’t tried nematodes but as you say expensive.
 How to deal with slugs - VxFan
Plenty of places like Amazon still selling them.

 How to deal with slugs - CGNorwich
I think you will find that they don’t contain metaldehyde which is the banned chemical. I would doubt their efficacy. Metaldehyde was very effective although I would not use it because of its effects on wildlife.
 How to deal with slugs - slowdown avenue
i do a slug patrol. bright torch and sharp trowel. turn over old bits of wood and other things on the ground and over time i'm winning the war.
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