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 Bruce Willis - zippy
The Die Hard actor has aphasia and is stepping back from acting.

I really enjoy the first three Die Hard films and wish him and his family the best.
 Bruce Willis - martin aston
This might partially explain the awkward interviews over recent years. He has probably been fighting it for some time.
 Bruce Willis - BiggerBadderDave
I have aphasia. And alexia. No alopecia unfortunately, I was going for a hat-trick.

Not degenerative, it was stroked-caused, 11 years ago. Few would ever notice, I spent a week with a client last year and kept it well hidden. But it can be exhausting.

The hardest is the cognitive side of things. I could read a crappy novel on a beach in two days but when they send me a simple brief I can stare at it for an hour and still not read or understand it. An editor works with me and she will break it into bullet points for me and only give me the important bits. As in 'do x, y and z by lunch time tomorrow' and when that's done she'll follow it with 'a, b and c for the following day'. She manages my time for me.

Tiredness and stress always makes it worse. I've done two weeks of 7am-12am stints, including the weekends on a project that's really tight for time and I'm struggling to read emails at the moment. It's hard to pinpoint an actual email, let alone read one.

The number of mistakes I make when I speak is relative to tiredness and complexity of grammar and semantics etc. So in the company of strangers, keep it simple and do what you're comfortable with (flirting with women).
 Bruce Willis - Runfer D'Hills
Wouldn’t worry about it Dave, with your Mancunian accent, not many people would spot any speech impediments or errors, most will just be happy to have grasped the main gist of it…
 Bruce Willis - BiggerBadderDave

If I'm struggling to follow a fast-pace conversation, a few well-placed 'buzzin', 'sorted' and 'sound' phrases makes me appear fairly normal.

Know what I mean?
 Bruce Willis - Zero
Dave, constantly saying "get your tits out" is not aphasia, its tourettes
 Bruce Willis - BiggerBadderDave
It always works with my editor, too.
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