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 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Ambo
What extinguishers do posters have, if any? I have two Kidde 1 kg dry powder multipurpose models that need re-filling or replacement. I see the current version has a mere 8 seconds discharge and I am wondering if they have any real value. Larger models would be hard to handle or accommodate.

 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - smokie
I have none at home but the apartment where I'm currently staying in Portugal has a fire blanket on the wall (next to a wall mounted first aid kit).

To have both seems a good idea in a kitchen but I would imagine you'd want an extinguisher as well as a blanket.

Must admit I've never considered anything for home, maybe I would be more likely to if there was naked flame but we cook using electricity only. I know there is still risk and depending on what people here say I may consider something.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - CGNorwich
I mean how likely is it for anyone on the forum to burn their house down.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Bromptonaut
Nothing in the house but we keep a fire blanket in the caravan.

I think once in my life I've had a frying pan catch fire and extinguished it by removing heat and covering it with a damp towel.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Ambo
We also have a kitchen fire blanket and first aid kit, two glass hammers, two smoke alarms and two CO alarms. As for Norwich's question, the same could be applied to any type of cover but I doubt there are many posters who don't have house and contents insurance.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - smokie
I think CGNs point is that we are blessed with 2 maybe 3 who have had this happen. :-)
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Crankcase
We once had the toaster catch fire. Damp teatowel, out the back door, sorted.

Gave us a scare though. I then bought a domestic extinguisher and a car one, both of which sat about for a few years until they expired and got chucked, I think. Somehow never replaced them, which isn't brilliantly clever.

So thanks to this thread I might poke about for something next week.
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 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - bathtub tom
I've a big water one in the new house (building work), an old CO2 and a halon gas (don't say a word) in the garage. Should really get a blanket.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Dog
I have a bucket, dear Henry. I also have 3 (THREE!) hosepipes + 11 taps.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Zero
My meter cupboard outside on the wall caught fire.

Nothing in the house but I have a 1kg dry powder and blanket in the CCV.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - CGNorwich
>> My meter cupboard outside on the wall caught fire.
Trying to bypass the meter?
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Zero
>> >> My meter cupboard outside on the wall caught fire.
>> >>
>> Trying to bypass the meter?

Corroded 100amp main fuse.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - CGNorwich
That raises the question as to whether these things are ever checked. Presumably the DNO is responsible but I’ve never heard of safety checks being carried out.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - VxFan
Which is why they've suggested keeping 2 meters apart for a while now.
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - legacylad
Boom boom
 Domestic Fire Extinguishers - Zero
More of a smoulder actually
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