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 Meaty observation - Rudedog
For Sunday roast I like a piece of pork (oh err..) but I noticed that many of the joints now seem to have had the skin removed and then the fat removed and then the skin put back on all tied up with string.

To me a good piece of meat has to have a layer of fat to keep the meat moist plus I think it adds to the crackling.

Why is this being done? is there some consumer group demanding it? It must cost more to do all of the work to remove something which could have gone in a better or cheaper joint.

Just an observation that's been bugging me.
 Meaty observation - Bromptonaut
As Mrs B is now vegan we don't 'do' joints anymore though I love a pork chop.

Id agree with you about the generality (and particularly mmm crackling).

I can only suggest shopping round and trying an independent butcher.
 Meaty observation - smokie
Is it possibly the cut you are buying? Until SWMBO decided it wasn't good for us, we were having a Tesco pork shoulder most weeks. Plenty of crackling and some fat but not too much.
 Meaty observation - CGNorwich
Actually pork flesh is low in fat compared with say beef and is a healthy choice. In pork all the fat is just under the skin and is easily removed. In beef the fat runs through the flesh - marbling. Chicken breasts contain more fat than lean pork.
 Meaty observation - zippy
All I can add to this is that I popped a leg of lamb in to the oven about an hour ago and it's cooking nicely and smells divine!
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