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 Winter Sun - CGNorwich
I hate February, the most dreary of months. Decided to take the plunge and book a trip to Lanzarote next week. Anyone else escaping these shores for a winter break?
 Winter Sun - smokie
Off to Portugal from 28 Feb till 8 April.

I was all for a cheapie during Jan/early Feb as well but got over-ruled.
 Winter Sun - James Loveless
I agree February is unpleasant. The winter lingers, there are only a few signs of spring and the weather is often cold. It's my least favourite month, for those reasons.

For winter sun, why not the Canaries? We've often done it and enjoyed it, though evenings can be cool. I have to say, however, that Lanzarote is my least favourite among the four islands I've visited. Gran Canaria would be top, followed by Tenerife, which I know pretty well.

Playa Blanca we thought was the nicest bit of Lanzarote; the drive down from the mountains and across the plain to reach it is quite spectacular.
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 Winter Sun - neiltoo
We've done Lanzarote in the spring, and enjoyed it - Playa Blanca. Strange but interesting island. High spots were the volcano park and the studio home of Cesar Manrico.

Just back from ten very pleasant days in and around Malaga. Can't beat a little winter sun to up the vitamin D levels.
 Winter Sun - Zero
Done Tenerife in late feb a few years on the trot, its been quite nice 18-21 during the day.
Ruddy cold up Tiede stargazing at night tho!
 Winter Sun - CGNorwich
>> Done Tenerife in late feb a few years on the trot, its been quite nice
>> 18-21 during the day.
>> Ruddy cold up Tiede stargazing at night tho!

Roque de los Muchachos in La Palma is similar. Its the home of the European Space Observatory and it can be literally freeezing there even though you could be sunbathing at sea level. The drive up is amazing as you you go though different vegetations zones on a narrow road with multiple hairpin bends and end up above the clouds. You really notice the thinness of the air up there expecially if you do any walking
 Winter Sun - CGNorwich
I've been to all of the Canary Islands except El Hierro. All have their attractions. The western Islands of L Gomera and La Palma are probably my favourites, especially for walking, although I do rather like Lanzarote which is I think the sunniest this time of the year

I've been there a number of times and in fact returned from therein March 2020 just as the pandemic broke.

Dont really like resorts or sitting on beaches so tend to rent a property in the interior. Lanzarote is small so with a car you can reach most everywhere within half an hour or so if you are in the centre of the island. The north of the island is my favourite part. Have rented a lovely apartment there this year in Guatiza with a garden full of tropical flowers!
 Winter Sun - Terry
For the last 5/6 years we have spent ~3 winter months on Costa del Sol. Covid was a problem in 2020/21 but managed 4 weeks last Nov/Dec and have a few weeks booked later this month.

Not into sunbeds and pools, but temps of 17-20C + sun means lots of outside - exercise, cafes etc. It needs a "non-holiday" mindset - you are living there part time - not a tourist.

Tend to rent apartment, drive down or car hire, live "sort of" like a local. UK for Nov-Feb is (IMHO) horrible - damp, dark, cold. We know we are very fortunate to be able to do this.
 Winter Sun - PeterS
Sounds like a good plan to me! I’m going to Jordan the weekend after next, and Crete in April. Also going to the Monaco Classic Grand Prix in May :)
 Winter Sun - legacylad
For cheap winter sun it has to be the Canaries.
Plenty of other sun destinations but long haul and more expensive.

Several friends who live in my part of the world are currently on the northern Costa Blanca....shade temps of 21C yesterday, rising to 23C Thursday then dropping to 17/18C when I fly out 17 Feb for 45 days.

Cheap long term winter rentals, cheap flights....expensive car rentals ( compared to previous years). It’s not sunbathing weather, and friends who swim laps across the bay at El Portet tell me the water is cooler than normal...14C rather than 16C so they’re using full wetsuits.

For water sports I’m returning mid May> early June when it’s warmed up and beach and water sports take priority over the mountain walking. But flight and rental prices shoot up......
 Winter Sun - Rudedog
You lucky people.... nose to the grind stone for me :(
 Winter Sun - legacylad
Rudedog....sincerely hope you get to enjoy a healthy retirement with the wherewithal to travel if that floats your boat.
I don’t take it for granted and count my blessings, as I’m sure others do.
 Winter Sun - helicopter
I am off to Tenerife for a couple of weeks in early March.

We regularly also go for three weeks in November..a private syndicate of family and friends have owned an apartment in Los Christianos since 1985. If anybody cannot use their allocated weeks we can use them for a small fee to cover maintenance.

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