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 End of Lockdown live Music. - Zero
Late in 2019, I booked tickets to see Incognito (acid/funk jazz band for those that dont know)
at Ronnie Scotts for April 2020.

It got canned of course.

Last night the rescheduled gig came round and we toddled off up t'smoke to see them. What a fab evening out. At late notice managed to book a late lunch at the Ivy in Soho, a coffee in the Iconic Bar Italia, then onto even more iconic Ronnie Scotts where the band were sensational - lord knows how 13 members of a band work on such a small stage but its something special.

 End of Lockdown live Music. - Zero
Oh and Charlie Mullins was there, with his ostentatious Bently Azzure Turbo and chauffeur outside
 End of Lockdown live Music. - zippy
Sounds like you had a great time Zero.

I do hope it stays like this.

Mrs Z is dragging me to an ex-soldier turned crooner next week. I'm not convinced at the mo.

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