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 Bargains Thread - Volume 25 - VxFan

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Bargains spotted

Post links in here of any offers/bargains that you come across. Need not be motoring but motoring related is of course welcome.


To try and maintain some kind of logical order of discussion, if you start a new subject then reply to this post and remember to change the default subject header.

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 Microsoft Office - Robin O'Reliant
Available from Key Software for a one off payment of £24.99. I've bought from them several times and they're good.
 Microsoft Office - smokie
I don't believe you can buy Office on a once-off payment so it may not be legit.

I did once use such a service and it turned out to be someone had (probably legitimately)bought an education version (£'000s) and was selling off user ids within it on eBay for pennies. You couldn't use your normal Microsoft credentials to log in, and eventually the account was closed by Microsoft.
 Microsoft Office - Robin O'Reliant
My laptop is running a copy of W10 I bought from them for £10 two years ago and it has been ok. I don't know what arrangements they've got to sell it but they seem legit and they've been round for a while.
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 Microsoft Office - tyrednemotional
Such keys are generally for software originally purchased by commercial undertakings which subsequently become surplus to requirements and the licences are then re-sold into a reseller market place (there are a few outlets).

I'm pretty sure that there were legal proceedings taken by the software manufacturers, but it was ruled (at least in the EU) that such practice was in fact legal.

As such, a licence for an operating system (say Win 10) is not likely to be an issue as there is a one-time purchase model in place for these (as long as it was originally sourced that way - many organisations utilise Microsoft software through such things as Enterprise Agreements or Software Assurance, which are rather different arrangements).

Office365 is (AFAIK) now generally a subscription model, which means that a fee has to be paid annually for continued use. It may be that there was historically a purchase model (or that there is an "under-the-counter" arrangement still with commerce) but I would certainly like to see the T&Cs before relying on it being "lifetime".

 Microsoft Office - PeterS
Office 365 Pro Plus is only available to large corporates. Software licensing is a minefield. What you have there is a genuine MS licence key being sold in breach of the terms of the licence. It’s legal to buy / sell the licence key itself, but using it will breach the licence agreement and it’ll probably stop working at some point, and might not even let you use your MS ID in the first place
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 Microsoft Office - tyrednemotional
There is a distinction between Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus, and Microsoft Office 20xx Pro Plus.

The former is an "enterprise" subscription product, and the latter a one-off purchase.

See below for Microsoft's explanation re, for example, the 2021 version:

Microsoft 365 (Office Pro Plus) is a subscription that comes with premium apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access (Publisher and Access available on PC only). The apps can be installed on multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones. Microsoft 365 also comes with services like 1 TB of OneDrive storage, 60 Skype minutes per month and Microsoft chat and phone support. With a subscription, you get the latest versions of the apps and automatically receive updates when they happen.

Microsoft Office 2021 (Pro Plus) is a one-time purchase that comes with classic apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint for PC or Mac, and does not include any of the services that come with a Microsoft 365 subscription. One-time purchases don’t have an upgrade option, which means if you plan to upgrade to the next major release, you’ll have to buy it at full price.

It's almost 20 years since I was Microsoft's second biggest customer in the UK, and did their first UK Enterprise Agreement, so I'm well out of touch, (even then it was a nightmare keeping track of MS's product and licence changes) but I would be much more confident that second-user use of the purchased version, rather than the subscription version, was a legal arrangement. (Any key for the "365" subscription version would be tied to a wider, corporate agreement and usage, and continued subscription therefor.)

Other "key-resellers" I've checked don't seem to be offering the "365" version, but do offer the purchased version (at a higher price, albeit much less than full retail).
 Microsoft Office - Manatee
That would make sense. I did wonder if you could really get the data storage and forever updates for £25. But they do state you get 5TB and at least imply access to updates. On that basis it would be worth binning my annual sub which I think is about £70 and comes with 1TB.
 Microsoft Office - Zero
Why is anyone poncing about with subscriptions with online storage and confusing levels of product.

Libre Office. Its free, you install it, you use it and you forget it.
 Microsoft Office - Bromptonaut
Office 2010 does all I need - open/create and save in Word or Excel and very occasionally use PP to view other people's presentations.

Work uses Google's tools.
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 Microsoft Office - smokie
I'm still on Office 2013, bought really cheaply through SWMBOs then-employer. Does more than I need really.

I do like Outlook for mail which is why I've never gone Libre. No need for much cloud storage as I have a NAS so the 15Gb Google give me is plenty.
 Microsoft Office - Manatee
Does the NAS provide data security? Mirror discs? I like some form of online storage for security reasons, I would find it very difficult if I lost all my files.
 Microsoft Office - tyrednemotional long as it isn't a single disc unit, mirroring (of all types supported by the number of discs) should be available.

I use an entry-level NAS with two (mirrored) 3TB disks to provide shared storage for the devices around the home, a repository for my streamed media, and an automated backup regime of a weekly full and daily incremental for both prime machines in the house.

Given that SWMBO's laptop hard drive died without warning and un-recoverably, and I was able to recover many years of data to within the previous two hours of changes, it has paid for itself.

Remember, the unit is networked, so is open to the level of networked attack that any such device is subject to (albeit firewalled, etc.) So it is sensible to take regular backups of the NAS data as well onto a standalone (non-networked) device (I use a portable hard drive). And if you're really risk averse, take a copy of that off-site.

As mine is now set up, it is pretty much a hands-off process (which is what, IMO, backup should be).

NAS comes in various guises and functionality (frankly, they're like a "headless" PC). It's worthwhile considering what you want to do with one, but low-level functionality is fine for me.

I use the earlier version of:

...which is cheap and entirely adequate for my needs. (Though you need to add 2xnTB NAS hard drives depending on your storage requirements - you can usually buy pre-populated).
 Microsoft Office - smokie setup and usage is very similar to the above but using a Western Digital My Drive which isn't mirrored. I have an older NAS for backups which isn't accessible from outside (as well as a few large USB drives).

I don't automate my weekly backups despite they are entirely routine, just because I've had experiences of inadvertently wiping data in the past which I would prefer to avoid - but they are single click to start them. The off site backup was brought here on Saturday and I completed that backup overnight last night.

Next door has a Synology which was fairly expensive but is it also very capable. For instance I know he runs a torrent client on it. There are a number of other apps which it can run - and probably plenty more to download (if you need them). It's bought as an empty box and you put whatever discs you want in it. Much more costly than my setup though.

But depending how much data you have, a pukka paid-for cloud solution might be less effort than a NAS. I think the Microsoft or Google offerings would be pretty reliable but there is plenty of choice.
 Microsoft Office - tyrednemotional
My automated backups are pretty safe - the weekly fulls each create a new image - I "weed" these over time by selective deletion such that I have a good few recent ones, and a selection of older ones. The daily incrementals also create a new image each, and fill in the timeline before the next full. I delete each week's incrementals when the next full has been taken.

(The Full copies are what you would expect - a complete copy of all the nominated data. The Incremental copies are simply the changes since the last full or incremental, the combination of full and incremental enables restore on any given date (in my case, in the last week, due to my deletion practice) via a single view/command.

Though my NAS is essentially "entry-level" it will run a selection of applications, and I also run a torrent/FTP client, as well as two media servers (different capabilities).

I'm not a great fan of Cloud backup vs my own (for historic experience reasons) but practicality excludes it for me as the internet connection here would hobble a full cloud backup. (mine's around 18GB at the moment, and about 8 minutes to complete to the NAS. SWMBO's is about 11GB).
 Microsoft Office - Manatee
I just keep all the data in the cloud on either Google or Microsoft. There's almost nothing apart from non-critical photos on the PC. The really critical stuff is kept on one and backed up on the other. I'm not really happy with that, it's obviously better than just being on a PC HDD but accidental deletion is always a possibility.
 Royal souvenirs - henry k
Look out for

or maybe not .
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 Royal souvenirs - Manatee
That's a corker, first laugh of the day.

Where's Z to say spelling doesn't matter?
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 Royal souvenirs - Zero
In this case it is clearly someone in china with a sense of humour - A rare thing indeed
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 Royal souvenirs - Manatee
Someone in china in China probably.
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 Royal souvenirs - VxFan
 Karcher outlet - Manatee
I was about to spend £140 on a Henry vac to clean up the building muck in the new house when I found this site. Bought something similar enough for £47 delivered. Although 'refurb' it's clearly unused.

I don't think it is Henry quality but it should do I what I want.

I'm resisting an electric window cleaner. Are they any good?

 Karcher outlet - Rudedog
I bought my K3.xx from the outlet place about 10 years ago, great price for what was obviously just a returned item, hasn't let me down so far.
 Karcher outlet - Fullchat
My weapon of choice from Screwfix £69.99 :
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 Karcher outlet - riddler
Karcher outlet are great. I bought my pressure washer from them for about a third of the retail price and had no issues with it.

I then bought a window vac from them this was clearly a used item and had to be returned twice, getting a refund was straightforward however. I then saw a brand new window vac by Karcher on Amazon for the same price, it is a very good piece of kit and the windows are easy to clean. Toolstation have the Karcher window cleaning solution for about £5 a bottle.
 Karcher outlet - Bobby
Have a window vac.

Tried numerous times to take to it but it really is just more hassle than it’s worth.

Two microfibre cloths. One damp with water and one dry does a better job IMHO.
 Karcher outlet - smokie
I got my Karcher window vac from the refurb shop.

We usually have a window cleaner for the outside (occasionally get him to do the insides too but it's got a bit pricey!!

It's OK, I use it inside sometimes but other times I use Windowlene.

The other day the outsides of the windows were filthy and wet from the storms so I went out with the Karcher and was impressed with it.

But it's really a gadget I could live without, truth be known.
 Karcher outlet - bathtub tom
I've recently bought this bit of kit from B&M:

I can now reach all my windows from inside.
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Falkirk Bairn
Received my annual renewal on Sunday

2021 £75 for a year's access
2022 £125 for a year's access

Phoned up to cancel as £50 increase was ridiculous.
Complained the motoring section was a shadow of the Honestjohn era

After cancelling I was immediately offered renewal for £65
£10 less than last year so I took up the offer.
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Duncan

Is that the digital sub?
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - zippy

One of my perks at work - I get to read it for free when connected to work's VPN - they have a company subscription.
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Falkirk Bairn
>>Is that the digital sub?

Yes - I have read the Telegraph for many years - it was a daily buy in the past BUT at £2.80 Mon-Fri and £3.50 on a Saturday I stopped.

I can read other papers/magazines via Readly & Apple - presents from sons who know I read a lot on line. SWMBO "was not keen" on the 2 presents - she thinks I read too much.

It keeps me going and quite sharp on some matters - I am tutoring my granddaughter who hopes to have her University entrance sewn up in the next 2 months - year off then University.

An hour sorting out the issues on past papers that she was struggling with. Back in again Thursday for another hour.

"Quite sharp" do not ask me what I had for lunch yesterday or where I went on Saturday. I can remember lots & lots about decades ago but "selective recall" of things happening in the recent past.
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Bobby
Paying £65 to read the Torygraph and you think that’s a good deal???
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - martin aston
I use mine mainly for the crosswords and puzzles. Oh dear, is this a it like the old days of buying “Gentlemen’s” magazines for the car articles?
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Duncan
I would cancel our sub tomorrow if SWM would let me.....
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Bobby
All joking aside, I know an elderly woman who has been brainwashed by the Daily Mail as she only ever bought it for the crossword and now will, genuinely, not accept a differing opinion to the Daily Mail on any subject.
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Manatee
>> I use mine mainly for the crosswords and puzzles. Oh dear, is this a it
>> like the old days of buying “Gentlemen’s” magazines for the car articles?

Try i. Basic news mainly unvarnished and a good range of puzzles.
 Daily Telegraph Subscription - Boxsterboy
>> Try i. Basic news mainly unvarnished and a good range of puzzles.

I agree, and I got the app free for a year in January!
 1.5L tie top plastic bags - henry k
100 for £1 in Poundland.
A genuine reduction in price. They were 44 for a pound.
One obvious change in the latest version is less folding of the bags on the production line
but probably also a new source of product.

I have bought this product for several years.
They fit small kitchen waste bins but I also need them daily for other purposes.

This new product saves me £4 a year but it all helps
 1.5L tie top plastic bags - Duncan
1.5 litre Henry, or 15 litre?
 1.5L tie top plastic bags - henry k
It is all stops out.
 Air con recharge at ATS. Up to 38% off via Groupon - VxFan (participating dealers)

No idea how long the offer is on for, but vouchers purchased via Groupon expire on the 30th Sep 2022.

Car Air-Con Recharge: R134A refrigerant (Most vehicles registered before 1 Jan 2017)

£62 now £37.99 (38% Off)

Car Air-Con Recharge & Antibacterial Treatment: R134A refrigerant (Most vehicles registered before 1 Jan 2017)

£72 now £45.99 (36% Off)

Car Air Con Regas: R1234YF refrigerant (Most vehicles registered after 1 Jan 2017)

£134 now £89.99 (32% Off)

Car Air Con Regas & Antibacterial Treatment: R1234YF refrigerant (Most vehicles registered after 1 Jan 2017)

£144 now £99.99 (30% Off)
 Air con recharge at ATS. Up to 38% off via Groupon - VxFan
>> Car Air-Con Recharge & Antibacterial Treatment: R134A refrigerant (Most vehicles registered before 1 Jan 2017)
>> £72 now £45.99 (36% Off)

Had mine done today. The climate control seemed to be still working ok, but for the 1st minute or two there was an awful whiff of stale urine coming out the vents. Also there didn't seem to be a puddle of water under the car from the condenser drain anymore.

Anyway, the AC system was supposed to have 630 grams of R134A in it. They extracted 620 grams. Fresh R134A put back into the system of the correct amount. I've now got the puddle of water under the car again, and the flow AC pipe under the bonnet is soaking wet with condensation. And more importantly no more stale urine. But the anti back treatment might well be masking it at the moment.

Who would have thought the system being down by only 10 grams would have made any difference. At nearly 9 years old, ATS were surprised the system had only lost that amount.
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 supermarket discounts - sooty123
Iceland are doing 10% off for those over 60s on every Tuesday

Asda are offering 10% off for those with a blue light discount card.
 supermarket discounts - Zero
WTF is a blue light discount card? (not that I would consider stepping back through the doors of an Asda)
 supermarket discounts - Dog
Erm, *blue light* duh!
 supermarket discounts - sooty123
 supermarket discounts - Fullchat
Must get myself signed up for one. :)
 4 x WiFi RGB E27 bulbs for £13.99 - smokie
OK with Alexa and Google Home apparently but not with Home Assistant.

This is dirt cheap and the reviews are not awful.

They show as £18.99 (which is pretty cheap too!) but once you have opened the product page there is a £5 voucher under where the price is shown.

I just posted it on HotUKDeals so they may sell out soon...

It's Amazon UK
 4 x WiFi RGB E27 bulbs for £13.99 - smokie
OK with Alexa and Google Home apparently but not with Home Assistant.

This is dirt cheap and the reviews are not awful.

They show as £18.99 (which is pretty cheap too!) but once you have opened the product page there is a £5 voucher under where the price is shown.

I just posted it on HotUKDeals so they may sell out soon...

It's Amazon UK
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 Office 365 Family - tyrednemotional
We had a previous discussion of Microsoft Office here.

For anyone running Office via the annual 365 Family subscription, this is about as cheap an initial subscription or annual renewal you'll get legitimately.

Yes, the supplied code does work, and you can throw the Mcafee bit away. ;-)
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 Excellent small laptop - tyrednemotional
...not exactly a "bargain" in terms of being low cost, but a very good offer for anyone looking for a small, well-built, very portable and powerful laptop with decent storage.

The laptop itself is the same price, £599, on Amazon (though £899 direct from Lenovo).

The Argos bundle, however, contains a decent pair of Lenovo noise cancelling headphones within that price. They are almost £120 direct from Lenovo, and getting on for £90 from Amazon.

I've had the need to replace SWMBO's laptop, and this particular model caught my eye regardless of the "free" headphones (see below).

It is all metal and solidly built, a very good high-res screen, and, in laptop terms, a fast processor. It exceeded expectations when it arrived, and is a great size for portability.

Two (potential) downsides which are no great problem for me - the memory is soldered and not expandable above the 8GB, and, being small and slim, connectivity by ports isn't great, and is also restricted to USB-C. A cheap adapter solves most of that for me, (for USB-A devices) and even the lack of an ethernet port is relatively cheaply solved via a USB dongle if need be.

(As it happens, my niece was after a pair of cheapish bluetooth headphones for her birthday - she is now getting a rather more expensive set).
 Firesticks and Kindles - smokie
Amazon have massive discounts at the moment on the above. I think today and tomorrow only.

E.g. 8Gb Paperwhite Kindle £94.99 (from £139.99),

Firestick Lite £12.99 from £29.99

Similar savings across the range.

EDIT: also on Alexa range e.g. Echo Dot £19.99 from £49.99
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 Firesticks and Kindles - Zero
Indeed, I picked up a Echo Show 5 and Blink Camera bundle for just over 50 quid.

The blink however is a technical nightmare, it seems it wont take a special character (in this case @) in the wifi password. I have 17 wifi enable bits I would have to change if blink technical support cant fix it. We are at 48 hours and counting since I raised a ticket, with no response as yet.
 Firesticks and Kindles - zippy
Is anyone able to advise if the paperwhite is worth the £60 or so premium over the standard Kindle?

 Firesticks and Kindles - smokie
SWMBO has paperwhite and daughter has ordinary and the Paperwhite is sooo much easier to read in bright light.

You can always order one and send it back... just don't hang about!!
 Firesticks and Kindles - R.P.
We had a blink installed last Christmas..great bit of kit. I got the same deal on a second one (for the back door) ! Joined the network with no issue
 Firesticks and Kindles - Zero
Clearly you dont have an @ in your wifi password.

Blink tech support still not responded to the ticket.
 Firesticks and Kindles - R.P.
There's an UK phone number in the packaging - My other one threw a wobbler the other day sorted with a phone call.
 Firesticks and Kindles - tyrednemotional
>>Blink tech support still not responded to the ticket.

...they probably can't due to the @ in your email address...
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 Firesticks and Kindles - Zero
 Firesticks and Kindles - Manatee
Thanks. My Firestick 4k has been acting up. New one £23 just now.
 Firesticks and Kindles - Ambo
Are subtitles available when using Firestick?
 Firesticks and Kindles - VxFan
>> Are subtitles available when using Firestick?

Note: Subtitles are not available on Fire TV Stick (1st Generation).
 Firesticks and Kindles - Crankcase
Can you even buy a 1st generation any more? I have two Firestick 4ks and both happily do subtitles.
 Firesticks and Kindles - smokie
I succumbed to the Amazon sale again today, a new telly will be here on Monday. Nothing wrong with the old one really but the new one is Android TV (what difference does that make?) and has this throbbing glow around the back while you're watching it (now, now!!).

51% off too, can't be bad...

Not sure what to do with the old one, too good to give away, and plenty of TVs around the house already. I suppose it might be worth a bob or two to someone.

I hadn't mentioned that SWMBO also has a new Kindle on it's way... :-)
 Firesticks and Kindles - Duncan
>> I hadn't mentioned that SWMBO also has a new Kindle on it's way... :-)

Does the new Kindle have a grammar and spelling app on it? You never know, it might be useful, one day.
Last edited by: Duncan on Wed 13 Jul 22 at 18:56
 Firesticks and Kindles - zippy
I have the Prime app on my TV. Will a Firestick give me any extra advantages?
 Firesticks and Kindles - smokie
You can do all sorts of stuff with a Firestick but whether you'd want to is questionable. I suppose it really depends on what you watch and whether you can already receive it with your equipment. If not you might be able to with a Firestick.

I have two around the house which I use to get fairly basic TV service to otherwise unconnected bedroom TVs, plus another configured with all the catch up services and VPN for when we are travelling abroad ( - it has the WiFi config for the two properties we rent in Portugal, so it's easy when we turn up - just plug it in and select the right WiFi and bingo! - we have UK telly).
 Firesticks and Kindles - VxFan
>> Can you even buy a 1st generation any more?

2nd hand most probably, and I suspect quite a few are still in use.
 Firesticks and Kindles - Stuartli
>> Thanks. My Firestick 4k has been acting up. New one £23 just now.>>

Did you ever try a Restart/Reboot on it? Also clearing the cache in the various apps?
 Aldi strimmer - Ted

Just taken delivery of a Ferrex 450w mains strimmer from Aldi. Just a click under £20 delivered.

Seems a solid and well put together bit of kit. I have a bit of rough ground behind the garage/workshop, 35 X 6ft, which is not any use to me. It's over-run by weeds from the adjacent field which has 2 horses grazing, but is far too big for them to cope with. A small flock of sheep would help ! I measured one dandelion this summer at over 8 feet tall. I will strim a few feet into the field to keep growth down a bit although a twice yearly spray with Weedol helps.

Only negative comment in the reviews seems to be that spools aren't available..but I'm sure I can sort something out there.

 Aldi strimmer - Manatee
Sounds like a bargain. Would you call it a grass trimmer or a brush cutter?

We have a Flymo strimmer that my wife has been using to attack waist high grass and weeds but it isn't man enough, and the spool keeps jamming.

I've only just bought a Bosch Trimmer AFS 23-37 (950 W) that uses a 37cm diameter cutting thread (not spooled) or a 23cm metal blade. It's fairly fearsome but it was £120. I would have given the Aldi a go first had I known.

I never really got on with strimmers, even this one tends to cut the grass then wrap it around the spindle. Could be operator error.
 Aldi strimmer - henry k
>>Only negative comment in the reviews seems to be that spools aren't available.
>>.but I'm sure I can sort something out there.

Note what diameter the supplied strimmer plastic line is then buy some same dia stuff online.
I am sure you have the skill to wind it onto the original suppled spool
 Aldi strimmer - Ted

It's advertised as a grass trimmer but I'm sure it'll cope with what I want it for. I'm sure I can rewind with new cable but you do get a spare spool with it. It's 1.3 mm I think.

I have a rotary plaited wire brush so I will investigate fitting that later.

As an aside, does anyone know if you can still get Sodium Chlorate anywhere. My stock ran out a year or so ago. It was so good for treating the paving joints, using a pump spray wand. I use the white vinegar/salt/Fairy liquid method now, or Weedol. Do farmers merchants still have it for sale ?

 Aldi strimmer - Dog
>>does anyone know if you can still get Sodium Chlorate anywhere

Tis sodium hypochlorite. Amazon and eBay flog it.
 Aldi strimmer - CGNorwich
That’s a totally different chemical. Sodium chlorate is banned from sale in EU and UK.
 Aldi strimmer - Clk Sec
>> Sodium chlorate is banned from sale in EU and UK.

When my stock of sachets ran out a few years ago, I wasn't able to find any suppliers locally or online.

Wasn't it thought to be a fire risk?
 Aldi strimmer - Falkirk Bairn
Wasn't it thought to be a fire risk?

It was used by the IRA to make bombs !
 Facebook/META Portal TV - henry k
£50 on various sites. Was £149

Getting out of the market ?
 Get a £20 Halfords Gift Card for £15 - VxFan
From Groupon.

Fine Print
Validity: Expires 31 Jul 2024.
Purchase: Limit 2 per person. i.e spend £30, and get £40.
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 Up to £64 off Goodyear tyres @ ATS - smokie

till 1 Nov
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 2 x xiaomi-poco-m4-pros for £119 each. - zippy

There are some Android fans here. I have been told this is a good deal. Expires midnight.
 2 x xiaomi-poco-m4-pros for £119 each. - Zero
There are numerous posts around explain why xiaomi phones are utterly appaling and you dont get what the phones claim to be. (they even exploit trick software loaded on the phone to mis report the memory and CPU, and most of the camera lenses are fake.

Avoid at all costs.
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 2 x xiaomi-poco-m4-pros for £119 each. - Manatee
My Poco X3 Pro is the best phone I've ever had.
 2 x xiaomi-poco-m4-pros for £119 each. - smokie
I have the Poco X3 NFC and it is a good phone. Previously had an Pocophone F1 which was also very good.
 Wiper blades - Halfords - smokie
I've no idea if they are regular discounts but Halfords page is showing some quite decent percentages off many wiper blades. Might be worth a look if you need some before the winter
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 Wiper blades - Halfords - VxFan
Euro Car Parts also have a 50% discount on wiper blades at the moment too.
 Wiper blades - Halfords - Manatee
>> Euro Car Parts also have a 50% discount on wiper blades at the moment too.

Always check as well. Often cheaper than ECP.

As I saw your post I had just searched for and found a pair of Denso hybrid blades for the Mazda.

In this case they are a whole 18p cheaper than ECP for the sizes I need - after 45% ("up to" 50%) discount on ECP and 18% discount on CP4L. Delivery is £3.95 in both cases.

I like the Denso hybrid ones, they are about the neatest.
 Wiper blades - Halfords - VxFan
>> Always check as well. Often cheaper than ECP.

They are both the same company and operate from the same warehouses, but CP4L also doesn't carry the full range that ECP does.
You also have more convenient options with ECP if you need to return something.
Swings and roundabouts. Both have their good points.
 Amazon Prime offers - smokie
Not as good as last time as far as I can see but Amazon have some items at special prices for Prime users. I just got a new phone (POCO M4 Pro - Smartphone 8+256GB, 6.43” 90Hz AMOLED DotDisplay etc) for £135 - usually £249.

Worth a browse I guess.
 Amazon Prime offers - martin aston
I only had a basic payg mobile in the car for emergencies but found it wanting when I was staying at my mums without internet for the iPad.

Today I too went on Amazon Prime and bought a new phone. Still simple, not as good as Smokie’s but cheaper. It has internet and app capabilities which my brick lacked. The old one was 10 years old after all.

Only £50 for an Alcatel 1b 2022 handset (after Prime Discount and £7 off for first time use of a collection point). I’ve got a Plusnet SIM on the way too.
 5% off Tayna batteries - smokie
apparently. Use code SALVAGE5 at checkout.
 5% off Tayna batteries - VxFan
>> apparently. Use code SALVAGE5 at checkout.

That's correct. A YouTube channel I watch ( ) has that discount code for people to use.

 michelin tyres at costco - sooty123
 AdBlue - smokie
Apparently some of those cars which run on fluids need an additive, and this is cheap.
 AdBlue - Runfer D'Hills
More or less half price actually. Those 20L containers are not easy things to pour from though, not with my car anyway where the filler cap is under the boot floor.
To be honest, AdBlue isn’t really a big expense, 20L lasts about 10K miles in my car.
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - smokie
Here's one for all you motorists, at half price too!!

It's a Maglite Traffic Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow, and it's half price at £2.96

About this item

Yellow traffic wand
For signalling and directing traffic at the scene of an accident
Fits all C-Cell and D-Cell Maglite torches
Fits the Rechargeable MagCharger
Includes reflective tape

According to FTzFL in Germany

"Sehr Pass genau gefertigt, kann es nur Empfehlen auch im Dunkeln sehr gut zu erkennen, laut meiner Nichte ein Laserschwert XD"

What he's saying is his niece says it's a light sabre. So it doubles up as a useful prop for any Star Wars fans.
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - Duncan
Do we have to buy two, smokie?
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - smokie
That'd be for directing aircraft... :-)
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - VxFan
>> That'd be for directing aircraft... :-)

Just make sure there are no moths around when using it.

Vague recollection seeing it in one of the Police Academy films, but it was traffic not aircraft (I think).
Last edited by: VxFan on Wed 5 Jul 23 at 10:46
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - Zero
>> Do we have to buy two, smokie?

So good he had to post it twice

I didn't notice I'd done that!! smokie
Last edited by: smokie on Wed 5 Jul 23 at 17:35
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - Manatee
I've had a police officer waving a torch at me a couple of times, redirecting traffic on unlit roads at night.

It was impossible to work out what they were trying to convey, it must have seemed obvious to them but when they wave it back and forth from left to right, how am I supposed to know which of those two directions to go in? Especially when I can't see much else, owing to some berk waving a torch in my face.

On both occasions I had to stop and ask what they wanted me to do, which both were very rude about. Do they have to hand in their empathy at the training college?

It would work better if they just stuck an arm out and pointed, and used the torch to illuminate themselves.

They probably dropped the training day on directing traffic due to lack of funding.
Last edited by: Manatee on Wed 5 Jul 23 at 12:52
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - sooty123
Didn't the police have high viz arm bands to direct traffic years ago, some of those with LEDs built in would be ideal or marshaling wands.
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - Manatee
>> Didn't the police have high viz arm bands to direct traffic years ago, some of
>> those with LEDs built in would be ideal or marshaling wands.

Then you'd have to train the police and the drivers:)

A big retro-reflective hand on a stick?

 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - sooty123

 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - CGNorwich
This might be better
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - Zero
I have always fancied those flares with spikes that the yanks (used to?) use. Pull a tab and spike it in the ground. Sharps things and fire, whats not to like!
 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - Ted

When I used to direct traffic in town in the 60s, we had white cotton sleeves up to the elbow and white woollen gloves.

In bad weather we had white waterproof greatcoats and there was a spotlight on a convenient lamp post which we could switch on.

 Maglite Wand D Cell Torch Accessory, Yellow - tyrednemotional
...and every ten minutes or so, you'd see a car....

 Wheel dustcaps - smokie
99p for 20 delivered...
 Wheel dustcaps - Runfer D'Hills
I suppose that is a bargain, if you have a lot of wheels, and they don’t already have dustcaps.
 Wheel dustcaps - Bromptonaut
If they're Schraeder type they're good for bikes too....
 Wheel dustcaps - Kevin
Too good to miss. Never know when you might need one. I've ordered 100 for £3.49 with free postage.

Wondering whether to get a few of these too. they look as if they'll fit.
 Wheel dustcaps - tyrednemotional
 Wheel dustcaps - Kevin
> ....lifesize....?

If you say so.
 Wheel dustcaps - Bromptonaut
Willy, penis, dick and picture too.

No base left uncovered.
 Wheel dustcaps - bathtub tom
>> 99p for 20 delivered...

I usually pick a few up off the floor when I'm having tyres fitted.
 Wheel dustcaps - Zero
I tend to put my old ones back on.
 Wheel dustcaps - Bromptonaut
>> I tend to put my old ones back on.

Don't we all?

However the number I've dropped, lost in other ways or just forgotten runs into a a dozen or so in fifty years. Sometimes they split when you tighten them up.

That's for cars.

If you're on a bike and repairing a puncture in pi**ing rain in the long grass at the side of a road the probability of loss is multiplied considerably.

Definitely worth having a few in your car and in the bikes toolkits.
 Wheel dustcaps - Ted

Waste of money. Plenty on the streets round here.. You do have to bend down and unscrew them though !

 NS&I - sooty123

6.2% tied up for a year. Might be useful for some.
 NS&I - zippy
>> 6.2% tied up for a year. Might be useful for some.

Shame about the tax. It would beat my mortgage rate without tax!
 Heinz in Sainsbury’s - zippy
Heinz tomato sauce and other Heinz products half price in Sainsbury’s with a nectar card!
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