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 Covid test refund - scam - henry k
To me - a new, for me, phone scam.
On my BT land line, today, a call re a refund for a Covid test.
I have never paid for any test so the caller was on an instant looser.
Action force were already aware of this one

 Covid test refund - scam - Ted

I've had a lot by messenger and email recently purporting to be from companies like, Currys, Waitrose,and others who I haven't dealt with.

All offering me vouchers, cash sums for shopping, etc I had a look at one and it seems you need to pay them a couple of quid first.

That gives them your card that's all right then ! I also got a rarity last week on the phone...." Your computers faulty " I thought this one had ended, I used to get two or three some days. I kept her on for a while, winding her up 'til she got bored/frustrated and cut me off !

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