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 As Seen on TV - Volume 24 - R.P.

A place to discuss what's on TV that might be of interest to others. (exc. Top Gear, F1, for example - which have threads of their own)


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 The Tourist. - R.P.
Brilliantly made, great characters, great scenery, decent plot, quite funny bits.
 The Tourist. - bathtub tom
I started to watch the first episode and thought something seemed familiar about it. Discovered it's the same team that nade The Lost, that interminable series about a plane crash on an apparently uninhabited island.
I don't intend watching any more.
 The Tourist. - R.P.
Never watched Lost, Private Eye mentioned that it's the same team that did The Missing (never watched that either). I enjoyed it.
 The Rescue Disney + - Bobby
Watched this last night. Very good.
About the rescue of the boys football team from the caves in Thailand.
Sorry of documentary as it involved the people involved and also footage from the time.

Recommend it.

And as an aside, these rescuers were real heroes.
 Winter Walks BBC4 - legacylad
Must be on repeat as I missed them first time around...also on iPlayer.

Particularly liked the episode presented by Lemn Sissay (who?) in Dentdale where I camped for many years in my teens, and still revisit several times a year.
Different presenters...Alistair Campbell was good.
 Winter Walks BBC4 - tyrednemotional
...Gentle television made rather more interesting if you know the landscape (some of the "presenters" are less than engaging - and I agree Lemn Sissay was good).

Also a short series of "Walking With..." on a very similar theme, but not winter. All (I think) still on iPlayer.
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