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 Where are we going? - Bobby
JK Rowling is slaughtered by all and sundry, including the Harry Potter actors for saying there used to be a word to describe people who menstruate

She is then accused of being anti Semitic by having the bank goblin characters in her book Jewish based. But after the pile-on, the accuser said he was only joking!

Meanwhile, Emma Watson is now accused of being anti Semitic because she had the audacity to put up an Instagram post referring to Solidarity with Palestine. Including from an Ex Israeli ambassador

And of course we still have the long running Irish cake controversy where bakers refused to put a message on a cake as it went against their own beliefs.

Where is this all going? Will anyone be allowed to hold an opinion without being accused of being anti something else?

 Where are we going? - smokie
One of my favourite entertainments is stand-up comedy, and I read recently that they will find it more difficult to write subject matter which will not upset someone or other. John Cleese turned down an opportunity at Oxford as he knew he'd fall foul.

We are all becoming very po-faced and easily offended, often on behalf of others - it seems even people close to me are heading that way. It's not often you can say anything of substance (even really innocuous or in jest) without someone else challenging you to some aspect of it.
 Where are we going? - VxFan
I think all the old school comedians feel the same way. I'm sure more than one of them has also mentioned someone will rake up something from their past at some point to seriously tarnish their reputation.

Hopefully the Karen's of Facebook and the like won't get the final word.
 Where are we going? - Fullchat
All kicked off last night on our private retired colleagues FB group.

Discussion re the outcome of the Colston statue criminal damage trial.

Someone made reference to the LGBT landyard wearing Supt who watched the whole thing and took no action. And how that sits with impartiality.

Immediately torn a strip by someone whose daughter is in a gay marriage for being homophobic.

People will manipulate and interpret comments to suit there agenda and be offended.
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 Where are we going? - Manatee
What did LGBT-lanyard-wearing have to do with it? Was Colston gay? Substitute Jewish or Muslim - would that be offensive?

As it happens I think the verdict is clearly wrong as were the arguments put by the defence regarding the statue being an "indecent display" and the "prevention of crime" defence and its presence being an offence under the public order act. Vandalism is vandalism - it wasn't their statue.

 Where are we going? - Ted

Can't be doing with it all. Two dames at odds now. Maureen Lipman having a go at Helen Mirren for taking the part of Golda Meir whilst not being Jewish. I didn't hear of any objection to Mirren starring in the Lady in Gold, as a relative of Adele Bloch-Bauer and a survivor of the holocaust.

An African actress playing wife of Henry V111....what's that all about ? Next, an Eskimo to play Mandela ? It's all gone to cock!

We've just about lost it all...sacrificed on the altar of PC and woke ! I still prefer to call a spade a spade.

 Where are we going? - Zero
Re the original post re being offended. There are of course professional, career or radical offendees, however we have to humour them and support affirmative action presently thanks to the likes of the metropolitan police being proven to be homophobic and racist,

Re Colston
Of course the verdict was wrong, it was vandalism pure and simple, and there is no exemption or excuse regardless of the past history of the statue involved.

As it happens the woke culture should be concentrating on leaving such evidences of pst bad things in situ, and concentrate on using them as education and historical information.

"here stands Colson, built a fortune on slavery"
 Where are we going? - tyrednemotional
>> As it happens the woke culture should be concentrating on leaving such evidences of pst
>> bad things in situ, and concentrate on using them as education and historical information.
>> "here stands Colson, built a fortune on slavery"

...remove the word "woke" from the above and I strongly agree with that.

Best to use such as symbols of the past, introduce them as being unacceptable behaviours in modern society, and we stand a reasonable chance of not repeating history.

I can however see that there might be a case for removing some of the associations - whilst it wouldn't worry me that, because of the association, Colston Hall has been renamed, the recent renaming of a school "house" away from JK Rowling (because of her views) seems rather ludicrous to me.
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 Where are we going? - bathtub tom
Would it be appropriate if I destroyed a stue of Mandela, because he was a murderous terrorist?
 Where are we going? - Zero
One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter, especially in an apartheid state.
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