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 Dogs and cheese - zippy
I was just having some cheese and biscuits for some late elevenses.

Doggo, who has clearly got her appetite back, was at my feet looking longingly at my plate.

I offered her some cheddar, she was not interested. I offered her some wensleydale, again not interested. I got to the Roquefort and Stilton and she couldn't get enough.

Luckily I only gave her a thimble full as Mrs Z tells me it's not safe for our furry friends.

It doesn't seem fair, she was there like a flash when she first got the scent of it.

I'll have to stick to giving her a bit of the jalfrezi or chowmein.

She is very fussy with treats. She likes "Goodboy chicken dumbbells" and not much else.

What do you good folk here recommend for treats?

 Dogs and cheese - Zero
Cheese, in small doses is OK for dogs, blue cheese not, the mould in blue cheese is not good for them

Cocktail sausages, is good, I train my dog using Kabanoski polish sausage, cheap in lidl.
 Dogs and cheese - bathtub tom
I trained my dogs using cat biscuits as treats. They probably didn't touch the sides on the way down, but they were small enough not to make them fat and they loved them.
 Dogs and cheese - Robbie34
My two Cockers love raw chicken wings frozen. They have almost become their staple diet as they eschew dog food. Raw chicken wings are quite cheap; I buy a few trays from Lidl or Aldi and freeze them. They cost about £1.50 per kilo and their teeth are sparkling white. I also buy Lidl's Polish sausage at £1.20 for a pack of ten.
 Dogs and cheese - Fullchat
Carrots. Most of the dogs we have had love them.
 Dogs and cheese - Dog
I use their kibble as treats. The only proper 'treats' they get are coconut oil or p nut butt in their kongs.
 Dogs and cheese - MD
Beware of diet products / peanut butter etc. A lot of diet products contain xylitol which can be fatal to Fido.

(Unfortunately, xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs, and even a small amount can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar called hypoglycemia, and even serious liver damage, both of which can be fatal).

Taken from a leaflet and a chat that a local vet gave for free.

Regarding Kongs Doggo. We can’t keep anything in ours so I got a litre bottle of fresh orange from Lidl. Slurped the contents and then squat it fairly flat ( their bottles would withstand being driven over) then we put a few bits of Fido’s kibble in there and it provides endless hours of fun. A bottle can last weeks they’re that tough. She gets such amusement from it and so does the dog:-)
 Dogs and cheese - Dog
>> it provides endless hours of fun.

I intended to leave my K9 in the sun room with a coconut oiled Kong as I took the ole woman to Waitrose in Holsworthy, but he whined so much I took him along for the ride (spoilt git!)
 Dogs and cheese - zippy
>> Carrots. Most of the dogs we have had love them.

Garden peas here. All 6lb of fluff will mug you if you have garden peas in a bowl!

(More like 4lb at the moment as her coat needs to grow back after being liberally shorn at the vet!)
 Dogs and cheese - R.P.
Spaniels don't care, they'll eat any sort of cheese. Glad she's better !
 Dogs and cheese - bathtub tom
MIL had a lab that would miraculously appear next to you and dribble on the floor at the slightest hint of any kind of orange fruit being peeled. Chuck her one piece and it would go straight down her throat and she'd be happy.
 Dogs and cheese - R.P.
Both my old Spaniels were the same. Loved fruit of any type. Current one not really bothered - he was watching me earlier peeling spuds and carrots for our supper - he loves both the vegetables and the peelings !
 Dogs and cheese - sooty123
Mine loves cheese, apple and carrots. Especially cheese.
 Dogs and cheese - tyrednemotional
...Is it a Wensleydale Terrier...?
 Dogs and cheese - Zero
>> My two Cockers love raw chicken wings frozen.

Very good for dogs teeth, a canine toothbrush.
 Dogs and cheese - slowdown avenue
cheese seems to be a favourite of all creatures
 Dogs and cheese - zippy
I sat down to a home made green Thai curry last night with extra red peppers.

The little bit of it that I had was very tasty.

Doggo felt the same and whilst I strongly discourage feeding the dog our food and begging, she was desperate to get some and without asking she performed every trick in her (admittedly limited) repertoire to get my attention including "high five" (paw), sit, stand, twirl, down and tummy.

So I gave her a tiny morsel and she loved it. She ended up having about 3/4. I had to make do with a toastie to fill the gap!
 Dogs and cheese - Dog
>>I sat down to a home made green Thai curry last night

 Dogs and cheese - VxFan
>> Snap!

Followed by several parps ;)
 Dogs and cheese - tyrednemotional
...shouldn't there have been a "crackle" before those....?
 Dogs and Steak - zippy
Doggo has been off her dog food.

So I'm asked to get her some sliced beef from the chilled meats fridge at the supermarket on the way home. Mrs Z knows she will eat that.

2 x 100g packs of roast beef slices were £3.50.

225g of rump steak £3.80.

The steak won and after few minutes on the griddle and finely cut to chunks, doggo devoured the lot. She's a small Lhasa, weighing in at under 6kg so that should do her for a while.

She gets spoilt! :-)

(I had spaghetti and meatballs)
 Dogs and Steak - Zero
Worrying times here for the Junior Goldie. Woke up Sunday morning to a severely swollen face eye socket and closed eye. I had a Judging appointment at a show, and assuming an anaphylactic reaction to a bite gave her a piroton tab, and left her in the hands of Mrs Z.

Got home Sunday evening, still same so got her to the emergency vet. Still thought to be a reaction she was given IV anti histamine jab, steroid jab, and some steroid eye drops.

Slightly worse this morning, got her into the Vets surgery at opening time, senior partner had a look, and had her transferred to the main branch with Surgical facilities.

Believed to be an abscess behind the eye, she is now sedated, on IV antibiotics, had blood tests done, Ultrasound and CT scan to come probably surgery this afternoon.

Likely to be a grass seed that has entered the gum line and tracked up the skull.

 Dogs and Steak - zippy
Sincere best wishes for the pooch Zero, worrying times!
 Dogs and Steak - Lygonos
In a human my first concern would be peri-orbital cellulitis/infection - severe allergies are rarely one-sided.

Dog mileage may vary!

GWS Poochie.
 Dogs and Steak - Zero
>> In a human my first concern would be peri-orbital cellulitis/infection - severe allergies are rarely
>> one-sided.

Considered that Sunday, (Mrs Z is a retired paediatric nurse specialist) yes it can be doggy related. However we now have a defined centre of pain in the skull someway back behind the eyebrow ridge
Last edited by: Zero on Tue 28 Jun 22 at 11:49
 Dogs and Steak - Bobby
Assume that will be an insurance claim then??
 Dogs and Steak - Zero
>> Assume that will be an insurance claim then??

Ness is out of surgery, coming round and stable. Abscess burst explosively apparently at first incision. Has been drained - sent off for culture - believed a grass seed was seen in it during a flush with a litre of saline. Vet fairly confident at this stage eye and facial nerves were ok. She will be in overnight with a drain in, IV fluids and IV antibiotics.
Hopefully I pick up a skinhead golden tomorrow mid dayish.
Bill stands at £4.5k - Thankfully just below my £5k insurance limit. Not sure my cover includes CT scan tho.
Last edited by: Zero on Tue 28 Jun 22 at 15:41
 Dogs and Steak - zippy
Hoping Ness has a good and speedy recovery Zero.
 Dogs and Steak - legacylad
Dogs eh....
 Dogs and Steak - Bobby
Unbelievable how they can get the bills to amount up rapidly.
Hope on road to recovery now and soon back to normal!
 Dogs and Steak - Zero
It always appears to come in at your claim limit. Strange init.
 Dogs and Steak - legacylad
Strange init.
With Huskies it’s Inuit
 Dogs and Steak - zippy
Hi Zero, How's Ness doing?

 Dogs and Steak - Zero
Got her home yesterday evening, quite a shock, severely swollen shaved head, lots of stitches,

but she is getting happier, eating and drinking well. Not seen her left eye since Saturday evening, I'll be happy when that appears.

thanks for asking

 Dogs and Steak - Kevin
>..severely swollen shaved head, lots of stitches, but she is getting
>happier, eating and drinking well. Not seen her left eye since Saturday

Like the Pushchair Panzer drivers outside Basingstoke 'spoons every Monday afternoon.
 Dogs and Steak - Zero
Yeah, thats it, Zombie apocalypse kinda thing.
 Dogs and Steak - Duncan
Just seen your video, Z.

That looks horrible. Poor thing.
 Dogs and Steak - zippy
She's is beautiful. So glad she's making a good recovery!
 Dogs and Steak - Zero
>> Just seen your video, Z.

I'm really pleased with that as a piece of film making. The pace is perfect, the music fits delightfully, the cuts to music (specially at the drama and pathos point) is perfect, and the use of black screen is brave and perfectly judged.
 Dogs and Steak - Zero

>> That looks horrible. Poor thing.

I am deeply deeply impressed with my vet, not to mention the amount of patient diagnostic technology they had to throw at this issue.
 Dogs and Steak - bathtub tom
I had a Springer that used to love Hunstanton beach, up to Heacham. My favourite trick, was to tell someone to pick a distinctive stone and throw it into the sea or a puddle and watch the dog recover it. How on earth could she distinguish one stone from another under several inches of water?
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