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 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - Clk Sec
The dwarf wall around my patio is rather grubby. I don't really want to use a pressure washer, so I would be interested to know how others here may have got along with any of the cleaning fluids that are available for this task.

You know, the ones that require little effort :)
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - Zero
Anything other than a pressure washer requires effort
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - bathtub tom
Unless you employ a dwarf person of small stature.
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - martin aston
I used Ultimate-Plus XP moss remover on my patio slabs. I did pressure wash them as well but the instructions didn’t say it was essential. One path, which I treated but didn’t pressure wash, hasn’t come up so well but it was better than before it was treated. It was very economical at the recommended dilution so doing it a couple of times without a pressure wash wouldn’t break the bank.

I have found that, as advertised, the product gives a protective finish. Even mud washing from the borders now succumbs to a normal hose and sweeps off. It doesn’t seep in. I may not bother with a pressure wash next time and just use the product and see how I get on. The dwarf wall might still need an initial pressure wash but at least the product seems to offer a degree of resealing if that’s what concerns you.

I used Patio Magic (or something if that ilk) a couple of years ago and from memory it was less effective. I may be wrong as I didn’t test back to back and I guess the active ingredients are similar across these products.
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - smokie
On recommendation from some "geezers" who I had in last year to sort out the back patio etc, I used an acid on the front slabs earlier this year. I used a garden sprayer to apply it and hosed it off an hour or so later (may have been longer, I don't remember).

It was OK but in the end I pressure washed it too. Maybe not required if I'd left it longer...

I got the stuff (actually 14% sodium hypochlorite) from eBay and the containers are those black fairly rigid ones - bought 2 x 5l - with hazard warnings all over and a warning not to let the stuff into the water course. I did dilute it quite a bit (6:1 IIRC) as per internet guidance. I suppose thinking about it, it will have ended up in the water course, but extremely diluted by the time I'd hosed it off.

I'll probably finish using it next year but wil lbe back to e the pressure washer after that.

PS Are you trying to keep them in or out? :-)
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - Dog
>>I got the stuff (actually 14% sodium hypochlorite) from eBay

I used that on ye olde granite cottidge, neighb recommended it, she called it sodium hydrochloride (same stuff)

Best 'stuff' I've ever used is:
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - MD
Lazy Git Get a scrubbing brush out.
 Cleaner for a dwarf wall. - Clk Sec
Thanks for the responses.
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