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If anyone is interested in airships and happens to be near Bedford, might I recommend the current tiny exhibition at the Cecil Higgins museum? We went yesterday - it's just one little room, but there's some really good small stuff on display there. We didn't bother with the "interactive art installation" film though, just the historical stuff. Took us about 45 minutes to absorb it all.

I grew up in Bedford and know all about Cardington, but I learned a few things there yesterday.

As to the museum itself, it's really nicely laid out and some intriguing new exhibitions coming up too, if you like museums. The attached coffee shop is excellent too. Great free museum and we'll be back.

These local museums are a saviour in the winter months if you like, well, just looking at historical stuff on almost any subject. Which we do, a lot.

Link to the airship exhibition:

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