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 England... - No FM2R
What a thoroughly great place. Everything works, people are some level of courteous, and stuff is clean and decent.

You can save the "oh well you haven't seen...." comments because I have. Rather *you* haven't seen the Third World.

I'm so pleased I like it, I feared I might not.

On which note, The Rose and Crown at Ratley, tell them the bloke from Chile sent you, the Landlord will know who you mean, and eat the Steak pie. The pint of mild is also terrific. Superb food, fantastic environment, a lovely small village off the beaten track and a host who knows what he's doing and cares.

If you're around that way you should go.

p. s. Bromp, it's not that far from you. She'll thank you for it.
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 England... - martin aston
Glad you still love it. It’s still a lovely country.
I think there is a dread engendered by the U.K. media that lowers general morale if you let it get to you. My daughter is a trained journalist, now working in video production. She has pretty much given up on following all news outlets as being bad for her mental health.
Anyway enjoy your break and if you venture into Wiltshire you are free to leave me a pint behind any bar you fancy.
 England... - bathtub tom
>> What a thoroughly great place. Everything works

I'll dispute that, yesterday wasn't a good day for me:

SWMBO needed to consult a doctor and when she eventually got through he had to go away for a few hours to, no doubt, consult wiser counsel. He issued a prescription electronically to a local pharmacy, who insisted all day they hadn't got it.

The house we agreed to buy back in April is going Teets up. It's a cash sale and we could have easily made the first stamp duty deadline, but the seller's solicitor sat and did nothing for four months. He now says the problem's with the probate office (he was fined £15k for a similar delay less than a couple of years ago). Our solicitor says there's no way we can meet the end of the month deadline, so that's costing us £7K.

My utilities supplier went bust and I'm expected to double my direct debit.

Out collecting the shopping yesterday I noticed the queues at filling stations due to shortage of lorry drivers, which was also the reason I assume for so many items missing.

Welcome to this septic isle!
 England... - No FM2R
>>Welcome to this septic isle!

Often it seems that the English want it to be that way.

You chose the wrong solicitor, not the wrong country. The utility suppliers made a gamble which didn't come off and people voted for and got brexit seemingly expecting a rough transition time though not a pandemic.

You live in a country of free enterprise and free will which doesn't always come off. It mostly does though.

People say excuse me and apologise if they bump, let you change lane or pull out, help if you trip or struggle, barmen and landlords chat, waiters/esses smile, even in Wetherspoons, the air is breathable and the water drinkable, you don't get shot much, shopkeepers are helpful, road signs are excellent, the police are pleasant and helpful if a little officious and I could go on.

My experience is clearly different to yours. Perhaps I look on the bright side and smile at them a bit more.

And I *am* British, I do know what I'm seeing and I like it.

Not perfect of course but pretty damned good.

I tire of the media led self-hatred this country has. Some how it has become uncool to like stuff.
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 England... - Zero
>> Welcome to this septic isle!

So you went for a cheap house and paid a cheap skate soliciter in risky times and got burned, you went for a cheap power deal and got burned ( pardon the pun) I see a pattern emerging here
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 England... - zippy
England and the UK as a whole is a great place to live.

It's a beautiful and friendly place too.

Yes there are problems, mainly due to under funding of services and infrastructure for decades by all parties.

It's also much improved from the 60's and 70's. I recall playing on old bomb sites that weren't redeveloped until the 80's+.
 England... - Kevin
>.. I recall playing on old bomb sites that weren't redeveloped until the 80's+.

It's called Basingstoke.

(OMG! It's like déjà vu all over again!)
 England... - Robin O'Reliant
Come to Wales, it's even better.
 England... - bathtub tom
>>You chose the wrong solicitor

>>So you went for a cheap house and paid a cheap skate soliciter in risky times and got burned

I didn't choose the solicitor, it was the vendor's solicitor. My OP states: "the seller's solicitor sat and did nothing for four months and the house certainly ain't cheap.

Perhaps that's the problem, folk can't be bothered to do or read stuff properly?
 England... - Zero
Indeed it is, I mean you can't even be bothered to read wot you wrote
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 England... - Zero
Meanwhile back to the good bits of England I am back at Southwold on a bench by the sea, with a pint of Adnams in one hand, a pastie in the other, a woman in period dress nearby singing Piaf and playing an accordion and no old Geets nearby whining about how they are always being screwed
 England... - sherlock47
Did you really mean pastie????

"pastie is an item worn by strippers to conceal the nipples '

Maybe it is really a good bit of England :)
 England... - Zero
Blame autocorrect, sunglasses and bright sun
 England... - R.P.
Wales isn't at all bad either. :-)...Off to Anglesey for a week tomorrow. Popped there on another matter this morning - nothing's changed and it's back to "normal" now the to the bulk of visitors have gone home. Weather's great, loads of warm sunshine today to complete several taks before the weekend.

Had occasion to use the NHS (Well Mrs RP) a couple of weeks, despite an A&E bursting at the seams - it did what it always tries to do and react to an emergency in a prompt and efficient way.
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