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 Audio fun - Crankcase
Here is a sound generator. Play with the sliders at will, ideally using some sort of timing as suits you.

When bored, look bottom right, where it says "if you liked Gregorian Voices, try...". there are loads.

Another fun one is the Eerie sounds. For me, setting everything to zero except the right hand slider was pretty creepy.

 Audio fun - smokie
Five minutes. Five minutes!

I could have been doing something useful instead!!! LOL
 Audio fun - Dog
I've always liked Gregorian Chants, these sound damn good playing through my hi-fi.

With the 2nd link I set everything to zero and the right-hand slider to full bore but could hardly hear anything,
so I just set the far left slider to full bore ... and that shook the room!
 Audio fun - Crankcase
Well, you might want to have a squizz at his other audio toys, Dog.

 Audio fun - Dog
What fun! .. I quite like the Japanese Garden, especially the wind chimes. Distant Thunder (bring it on)

Marimbas, Binaural Beats, Isochronic Beats, Anamnesis. So many more to sample, I might even go into Oblivion.

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