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 Down a Rabbit Hole - Ian Nairn - Bromptonaut
Some article in the Grauniad today mentioned the writer and architectural correspondent Ian Nairn who died of the drink 40 or so years ago.

BBC i-player has a few of his programmes in their archive; an intriguing rabbit hole for folks of a certain age.

The segment up the A5 from London passes by here. The Leeds to Edinburgh section covers bits of my teens by rail down the Aire Valley. Stuff round Skipton and Settle must surely ring some bells for legacylad; is the Naked Man Cafe still extant?
The Minis, Minxs and Vauxhalls should trigger all our nostalgic wot nots.
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 Down a Rabbit Hole - Ian Nairn - legacylad
There’s a coincidence....only a few weeks ago a link was posted on Settle Chat FB page of episode 3, ‘From Leeds to Scotland’.
Watched it. And the previous episodes....moved to Bingley from Manningham in Bradford aged 14, my first house back to Bradford aged 22, second house 3 years later back to Bingley.

I still take light refreshment in Saltaire, Bingley and Skipton, places I know like the back of my hand.
Ye Olde Naked Man cafe extended next door, tables and chairs outside doing a roaring trade with cyclists, bikers, walkers both local and tourists.
Despite the tourists, it’s still a grand place to live. Which is why the tourists visit....which is what I tell the locals who’ve lived here all their lives and constantly moan about being over run by tourists.
My reply to them, if they want to avoid tourists, is go and live in Bradford & Keighley. I have. And I know which I prefer.
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