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 Kamado Egg BBQs - Bobby
Two separate relatives are boasting on WhatsApp chats about how good, and versatile, these ceramic egg bbqs are.
One has a Kamadojoe and other Big Green Egg.

Anyone on here got similar and have opinions? I see Aldi also do one that regularly goes out of stock but that is probably the closest I would be able to afford!
 Kamado Egg BBQs - smokie
I don't know anyone with one but I came across them less than a month ago so researched, and users do seem to really like them. If I were to take up BBQing I'd get one.
 Kamado Egg BBQs - No FM2R
Never heard of them, but I'm intrigued.

It weighs 90Kg according to Kamado and some insist that you should only use their charcoal. There's also discussion about care and cracking and the like. There's quite the range of sizes, brands and prices of Amazon.

I'd like to have a go on one, but I don't think I'd pay £700 for a 'good' one.

 Kamado Egg BBQs - Zero
Seen them in Garden Centres, horrified by the price of the size I need, walked away muttering
 Kamado Egg BBQs - Lemma
I have had a Weber gas fired BBQ for five years now. It has been excellent. Easy to light and use and producing very good results. It stays out in all weathers and over the winter but still buffs up as good as new with soapy water and a wipe over with silicon spray. Every 6 to 12 months I buy a pack of oven cleaner, with the big plastic bags to clean oven racks etc, and facilitated by our outdoor hot and cold taps it is an easy job to clean up the body and grill racks. Expensive, but no more so than these egg type BBQs.
 Kamado Egg BBQs - R.P.
We have a normal sized Weber and a small portable Smokey Joe. They're expensive (as Lemma says) but with solid American build quality and engineering, never let us down, they're very good and easy yo maintain.
 Kamado Egg BBQs - Robin O'Reliant
Our house has a kitchen.
 Kamado Egg BBQs - smokie
Yes, that's exactly how I feel about owning a BBQ.

Although a mate does a fine job of one. Well, I presume it is, as I keep going back. Often had too many beers to tell :-)
 Kamado Egg BBQs - sherlock47
I have a wife....

 Kamado Egg BBQs - Bobby
I have a brick built bbq that takes charcoal. However I also bought a Weber Gas BBQ which is really good and handy for spontaneous meet ups without much planning needed or do I need charcoal, when will I light it so that is ready to cook on etc. It’s also very straight forward to clean and the two plates can fit in the kitchen sink for cleaning which the charcoal bbq grid can’t!

However, the Weber is a gas grill you use outside. It’s not BBQ. It’s not smoky charcoal smell, the backdrop of a good bbq get together.

The two recommendations I have had for the eggs have been for their ease of use, flexibility, quality of food and the ability to control the temp and output. My cousin now uses this every weekend to cook his meat of choice.

And apparently all from “a couple of handfuls” of charcoal.
 Kamado Egg BBQs - Mapmaker
My barbecue only works with charcoal it has made itself.

I have a dozen or so bricks and a woodpile. Oh, and a palm tree - that provides the kindling.
 Kamado Egg BBQs - Mapmaker
Current favourite BBQ food is trout, cooked over a *very* slow fire with plenty of flavoursome smoke. Bay leaves, apple wood, whatever you can find in the garden really.

Oh, and this bloke has the most atrocious TV presentation abilities, but this is really the way to do your fish. And you can buy a metal bucket from Screwfix for a tenner...
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