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 If you remember ATDT. - Zero
Theis will bring back some memories
 If you remember ATDT. - No FM2R
>>This will bring back some memories

Oh it does.

In how many hotel rooms around the world have I been sitting doing that. Oh the dream of a 19,200 connection but the reality of a more normal 1,200.

Good memories though, it was an exciting time.

 If you remember ATDT. - Manatee
I had a 2400bps("baud") BT modem I used for computer conferencing on my OU courses, that would be late 80s to early 90s.

I remember the text coming through in lumps like that. Very exciting.
 If you remember ATDT. - Falkirk Bairn
Even a Jaguar async modem was some £500 in the mid 80s.

I met the chap who sold Lloyds bank modems for 500+ branches -synchronous modems to link the branches to HO mainframes.

I think they could run at up to 6400 in theory but in practice it was 3200.

They were in excess of 500 branches x £5,000 each i.e. so £2.5M plus - if they fell over every branch got 2 modems in case the modem failed and the bank came to a halt. So some £5M for 1 order.

Goodness knows what commission he would be on but probably 2 to 5% £100k to £250K would have been possible.
 If you remember ATDT. - Manatee
Sounds about right. I paid £40 for my BT modem in a computer auction. I think it was on their price list not long before that at £2000.
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