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 E.ON Next - Ambo
E.ON customers will have to join this in two or three weeks. I find the text confusing. Has any E.ON poster managed to sign in?
 E.ON Next - VxFan
I was with N Power until November 2020, who were then bought out by Eon and transferred our account over to Eon Next. As I'm on a fixed price contract until Feb 2022, the pricing remained the same.

I was unable to log in to the account to submit meter readings though - part of the terms of the fixed price contract.. It turned out it didn't like the web browsers I was using (Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome).

It works fine using MS Edge, and Safari.

Still waiting for a smart meter to be installed. Covid and vulnerable people at my address has currently put paid to that.
 E.ON Next - R.P.
Left E-ON when we move house. Swapped to Octopus dual fuel when we got here on 1.6, smart meters went in on 28.6. E-ON was dreadful in the end. P*** poor customer service when I tried to pay my final bill.
 E.ON Next - Robin O'Reliant
What exactly does a smart meter do?
 E.ON Next - Bromptonaut
>> What exactly does a smart meter do?

Saves the bother of reading your meter; either yourself or by a meter reading contractor. With a display or app you can monitor energy usage and cost in real time. You can see how the meter goes mad when your teenage daughter spends an age in the shower.

It might also, in time, enable 'smart' charging in a way that's far more sophisticated than any current tariff.
 E.ON Next - sherlock47
>> What exactly does a smart meter do?

prepares the ground for extracting more money from the customers.
 E.ON Next - Duncan
>> >> What exactly does a smart meter do?
>> prepares the ground for extracting more money from the customers.

Can you get Covid from it?
 E.ON Next - Stuartli
Similar in my case. I was with E-On but switched to nPower a few years ago after its WarmFront tariff went sky high. Eventually I set up a four-year fixed tariff with nPower until the end of last March but, to my disappointment, found myself back with E-On...:-(

However, it fully honoured the nPower agreement and subsequent dealings have proved OK, including the continuation of sending meter readings on-line, ability to check bills and alter the DD if necessary using Firefox; I'm not interested in having a Smart Meter.

 E.ON Next - Dog
>>I'm not interested in having a Smart Meter

ditto. Meter was smart when we moved in last year, so I switched to a co which didn't fit smarties at that time (Green Energy)

Smart meter is now dumb and I submit monthly readings on-line.
 E.ON Next - Ambo
So has no E.ON poster received the message I did, featuring the switch to Next? Should I suspect a scam? Being deaf, I don't want to have to phone E.ON to check but appears at critical points on the site.
 E.ON Next - Ambo
Sorry, should have said " appears on critical pages".
 E.ON Next - Ambo
Edit. The missing piece is the substitute for a padlock icon, https.
 E.ON Next - VxFan
This might help.

"E.ON Next is the new face of E.ON, still offering renewable electricity with truly personal dedicated customer service teams, making every step towards a better future more enjoyable."

Why am I getting an E.ON Next account?

To help us move towards a more sustainable future, all of our home energy and small-to-medium business energy customers are getting an E.ON Next account, which should take about two to three weeks to set up. We’re excited to bring you on this positive energy journey with us.
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 E.ON Next - Stuartli
>>So has no E.ON poster received the message I did..>>

nPower's takeover by E-On took place just over a year ago and I had to communicate/got bills updates etc via E-Onnext's website after that (from July 2020 onwards).
 E.ON Next - Ambo
Thanks, clear now. E.ON has gone, replaced by E.ON Next. I have registered with the new outfit.
 E.ON Next - VxFan
>> I have registered with the new outfit.

Same outfit, just a new name.
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