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 Standard Life Aberdeen now Abrdn plc - zippy
As a small shareholder in Standard Life, I am used to its disappointing performance as a company which wasn't improved by the merger with Aberdeen.

Now they have a silly new name "Abrdn plc" pronounced Aberdeen and the rebrand is going to cost "multi millions".

I wish they spent more time looking at financial performance than re-branding.

Grumble over.
 Standard Life Aberdeen now Abrdn plc - martin aston
Also as a shareholder I know they have fallen a bit over the last few weeks but I was lucky to offload a few shares a few months back at what proved to be a recent high.
I have lost sight of what I paid for my remaining shares over various acquisitions but with dividends and cash returns to shareholders I think I am probably well ahead of what I paid.

As for ABRDN naming it’s a waste of time and money.

 Standard Life Aberdeen now Abrdn plc - Falkirk Bairn
I am old enough to remember that Standard Life was a thriving mutual - a safe haven for savers, mortgage savers, pension funds & great annuities for retirees.

They seemed to be able to outpace other insurers with great annual bonuses & terminal bonuses.
Standard Life seemed to lose their way 20/25 years ago and are but a shadow of the business of 30+ years ago.

Where did it go wrong? & I do not just mean the Aberdeen merger which has been another mistake for both sides.
 Standard Life Aberdeen now Abrdn plc - Zero
What went wrong was that they promised what they could not deliver and wasn't thriving
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