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 Trump - No FM2R
On the one hand he's a pathetic joke, worthy of mocking, on the other is the feeling that he could rise up at any moment, supported by his all knowing amoebas, and bite us on the bum.
 Trump - maltrap
He will probably set up his own social media platform. Perhaps entitled
Trumpbook or t***ter !
 Trump - maltrap
The swear filter deleted the WAT not me
 Trump - Manatee
This week's Americast podcast (yesterday) reports that Trump is saying he'll be back in the White House by August.

They also report that Michael Flynn has backtracked on his apparent support for a Myanmar-style military coup which he said "should happen" when addressing some Q-anon adherents.

A majority of Republicans polled still believe the election was "stolen" and many states are progressing voting restrictions to try and improve Republican chances.

Dangerous times. Education matters.
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