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 LED lights and eyesight - Ambo
Several posters in the past have said they have gone over completely to LED bulbs in their homes. These are sources of blue light, along with most screens, and in theory this can affect eyesight. Has any poster found it to be the case? I don't recall any public health warnings about the bulbs.
 LED lights and eyesight - Zero
There are no public warnings because there is no issue. To cause damage (Age related macular degeneration mainly) it has to be excessive. The amount of blue in home led lamps is only there in small amounts to adjust the temperature of the light if people prefer it "colder"
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 LED lights and eyesight - Biggles
The blue light is there because the leds emit blue light. Phosphors are used to generate light of longer wavelengths which mix with the blue light to produce the desired white light. A mix of phosphors is used to trim the warmth of the white light.
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