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 Cable Car Tragedy - No FM2R
I see that it appears to have been determined that the emergency brake was faulty and rather than being repaired was disabled. Hence when the cable snapped rather than the car just stopping in careered down eventually killing all but one.

Disabling an emergency brake? FFS.

 Cable Car Tragedy - Zero
So far, three arrested. Its Italy tho, doubtful if anyone will be punished, let alone the real criminal.
 Cable Car Tragedy - zippy
>> So far, three arrested. Its Italy tho, doubtful if anyone will be punished, let alone
>> the real criminal.

Some strange outcomes in Italy. Weren't some scientists successfully prosecuted for not predicting an earthquake?
 Cable Car Tragedy - R.P.
Ponte Morandi bridge collapse investigation:- (from Wiki)

The investigative committee was to be chaired by Roberto Ferrazza and to have as an expert member Antonio Brencich. However, these two committee members were immediately criticised for being among the signatories of the February 2018 government report that failed to impose precautionary measures on the weakened bridge.[30] On 23 August 2018, Brencich resigned from the inspection commission, and Minister Danilo Toninelli removed Ferrazza as the chair, for "reasons of opportunity in relation to all the institutions involved in this affair".

Don't hold your breath.
 Cable Car Tragedy - smokie
They also prosecuted members of Senna's racing team following his death but all were acquitted IIRC.
 Cable Car Tragedy - sherlock47
years ago I remember the comment that the Swiss change their cables every year, and sell them to Italy, who change them every two years, and sell them to Bulgaria,....................

reflected in the price of ski holidays?
 Cable Car Tragedy - James Loveless
The Sun is carrying this: "Three managers of a cable car that crashed and killed 14 people have allegedly admitted disabling an emergency brake to avoid closing for crucial repairs and losing out on income."

The Guardian is more nuanced: "...three people were arrested on charges of suspected involuntary manslaughter and negligence.

The three, including the owner of the firm that manages the Stresa-Mottarone aerial tramway near Lake Maggiore in the Piedmont region, are alleged to have made a “conscious gesture” by “tampering” with the emergency brakes in order to “avoid disruptions” to the cable car service, Ansa reported, citing the chief public prosecutor, Olimpia Bossi."

None of it surprises me.
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