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You probably know, but in case you don't.... (from a speech I gave this morning, sounds a bit weird as a post)

"Field Marshal The 1st Earl Haig had long been concerned for the welfare of returning military after the First World War and strongly believed that support was needed.

Several groups had been created to care for the welfare of those returning. Chief amongst them; The National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers, The British National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers, The Comrades of The Great War and The Officers' Association.

However Earl Haig believed that there should be a single, combined organisation.

Thus, on Sunday 15 May 1921, a small group of ex-Servicemen and representatives from those four organisations, walked to the Cenotaph, in London’s Whitehall. As Big Ben struck nine, the four representatives laid a wreath with the badges of the four organisations that would officially unite to form the British Legion.

The British Legion was founded by and for our Armed Forces personnel.

On the anniversary of that day and in memory of the long journey since, a small group join together to mark this milestone. [names of the group removed]

We remember the members of the Legion, our many supporters and of course members of our Armed Forces family to whom we owe so much."
 RBL - 100 years - sooty123
Where did you go for the event, is there something equivalent to the cenotaph in Santiago?
 RBL - 100 years - No FM2R
There are equivalents;

We have the Chilean relevant monuments, we have the Central veterans graveyard that we maintain, and there are others.

However, these are difficult and complicated times in Chile so we are restricted, as are the Chileans of course.

This morning the event was held at the Ambassador's Residence. For obvious reasons we control the rules there, which avoids complications.

One thing I'll say about quality charities for worthwhile causes, one does get to spend rather a lot of time with good people.
 RBL - 100 years - No FM2R
If you drop me an email I'll send you a link to a few photographs which will help.
 RBL - 100 years - sooty123
email sent
 RBL - 100 years - No FM2R
Sooty, just sent you an email but from an address you may not know. So check your spam.
 RBL - 100 years - sooty123
Thanks, I'll have a look in a bit. Mega busy atm.
 RBL - 100 years - No FM2R
It's not urgent.
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